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1000mbps anyone? BT unveils their plans

8dac358f91021601_640_FiberBT’s been busy all over the country in the past year with Fiber to the Cabinet roll outs, and want to continue the push for better infrastructure.



BT conducted a field trial of mock-up technology earlier this year (additional links on Source article) and on the shortest 19 metre copper line they managed to achieve aggregated speeds of around 1000Mbps (Megabits per second), which equated to 231Mbps upload and 786Mbps download. By comparison the “long” 66 metre line produced 200Mbps upload and 696Mbps download.

It also looks like the G.Fast system is having field trials in Huntingdon (fairly near us in Cambridgeshire) and Newcastle, and if all goes well we’ll see the technology start to appear in 2016/17.

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I Suspect some readers will be confused at what I’m getting at, so;

Faster internet infrastructure faster than we expected it, which will also allow future upgrades to be rolled out faster.


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