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2014 Plans

It might seem too early to start making plans for 2014, but I’m not going to sit here and have it go the same way as 2013 went!

My main objective would be to turn LITS into something functional and beneficial to the local community. Whether its increasing our services to clients, providing products/services from an outlet with a small team. Lots of ideas but no feasible way to do any of it!

At the moment, Its just me doing all the repairs, writing, coding, some marketing. I find my days taken up with:

  • Fixing Google listing, that’s never been right since moving and requires constant verification.
  • Dealing with new 1500 products at supplier and checking them against store database and judging if its worth listing them.
  • Building an importer what imported said products all over the place thanks to a server burp.
  • Random web design ‘can you just’s or ‘lets try’s, updating customer sites and social media
  • Trying to write posts like this to keep my site active and not sound too.. um.. much like moaning or being grumpy?
  • trying to fix random issues with website and modules, add new features and make them work properly.

What I’ve also thought about:

  • A full Tech shop, Not just PC’s, repairs and networking. But prototyping using 3D printer, CNC cutters, and other technical appliances for making quick repairs or ‘Social Crafts’.
  • Web-hosting, design and in-house training centre, again requires somewhere to actually be!
  • Other areas, such as starting plants and supplying young plants ready to plant.. Again this requires somewhere to set up and distribute from and lack of knowledge and ability in these areas will hold things back.

As you can see, most of this is held back by a point of interest. The reason I will not look at investing at a fixed point is due to the area. Only facilities available are on the outskirts, and cost far too much at the moment. With rates being around £800 per month for the smallest accommodation (not including rent, services, and taking away the ability for customers to visit..) isn’t really feasible.

So what I’m looking at, is really just doing what I’m doing already with a few more call-outs per week to keep the money coming in. Not bother with a fully stocked web-shop until I have some way of guaranteeing next day stock or someone to help look after that side.

Maybe someone out there is also looking for premises in Litteport, but doesn’t want anything too big, or wants to share?


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