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2021 tech trends

I Initially started this 2021 Tech Trends article before Christmas, but with everything going on and most of these products being constantly out of stock/no supply. I held off until stocks became more available.

New Stuff

3rd Generation Ryzen CPUs

The new offerings from AMD not only seem to be better value for money than Intel’s 10/11th generation I5/7/9’s, but fair very well in benchmarks against Intel’s matching range CPUs.

Best advice, since supplies of these are going to be limited, get a B450 chipset board with a 2nd generation Ryzen (3xxx) and you’ll be futureproofed for when generation 3’s (5xxx) are more available, which will likely be after Christmas, around March time

nVidia RTX 30×0’s

Nvidia RTX 3080/3090’s launched last month, with low supplies and scalpers selling the ones they could get hold of for ludicrous money. As these either seem a bit too powerful, or Games are under-optimized for it at this moment, I don’t think it’s worth getting one until 6months to a year down the line and save some money when they are available.

AMD 6800’s

AMD launched their 6800’s mid december teasing lots of benchmarks with nVidia’s earlier offering, with some anti-scalping advice for retailers. Again, benchmarks on the AMD cards look pretty promising and the new implementations seem to match NVidia’s performance tech.

Our Advice; These cards a bit too overpowered, overpriced and undersupplied at the moment have a look for lower-cost cards with 8gb ram and DirectX 12 support.

Raspberry Pi 400

A new Raspberry kit has arrived as an integrated Keyboard, ideal for someone to learn how to code or as a hobby kit.
You can pick them up at for between £60 and £100 for the full kit.

A working shift

With Working From Home possibly becoming a more accepted thing, It might be time to invest in making it comfortable.
Standing desks seem to be getting popular, now there are Runner Desks with a treadmill under them. Likely to see more appear in this line this year as we’re expected to work from home until half way through the year.


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