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We are 3 years old this month!

Well, 3 years since someone said ‘You should make your own IT Company.. You’re good at this logical stuff…’ And I made the mistake of listening…

Must admit, was a silly mistake, and I rushed into it by myself.. Looking back, having a business partner or someone to kick me up the backside to keep me focused on 1 thing at a time should be my top priority.

How have we done? Not too badly and not too good from this end. I feel we’ve provided a nice service to Littleport and beyond. Gained regular custom and helped get a fair few people out of sticky situations.

Quite surprised the business hasn’t grown as much as it could, the area does seem saturated with IT bods around the place, even a few cheeky ones. It started as a few odd jobs cabling and setting up PCs and servers around another job and eventually crept up-to an almostĀ full-time support role. With dreams of a small Office/Showroom or potentially a repair centre/warehouse in Littleport, I’d Like to see something like that within next 3 years.

So anyway, thanks for the 3 years! We’ll continue to offer our friendly localized service and rescues.


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