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3Doodler freestyle 3D Printing Pen

How Cool is this new gadget from 3Doodler?

Spotted this early this year on KickStarter and would have went with a perk if I had some spare cash, now its closer to reality I wish I did!

What is it? Well, Do you ever draw or write stuff down to make to replace or improve a device or part? I often do and never get around to it. With this I can draw that Grill housing for the Clients PC case on site, ‘Draw’ in that little airflow spoiling hole, Even make a hook for cables!

All without dragging a heat gun, lumps of plastic and cutting tools around with me! Bonus.

It even cools so fast that you can build some models straight upwards. Have a look what the testers have made!

To check out what else it does, see here!


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