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9 years

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Well, we’re 9 years old this month.
Not really much to show for it, as every time we should be celebrating something we are reminded that Life is a complete arse.

These Days

we’ve been running for 9 years now, and beginning to wish either I gave up earlier, or got a proper contract more than a few weeks for a bigger company.
Now with everything being digital, and the COVID Crisis pushing for more remote and quickly fixable solutions, it’s thrown my onsite deployments and repair sector into disarray.

I thought my health was bad before the Crisis, getting exasperated by the constant non starters. The mental aspects of dealing with some terrible people’s idea of asking for help really puts me off attempting to help anyone.

I have this box appear and its really annoying.
‘What does it say?’
I don’t know I close it and carry on..

An Interaction I don’t want.

It also causes Anxiety that I waste energy to get over to place to diagnose a odd sounding issue to find out that there’s a cable out, or something not set right in software. Which is why I want to write more guides, but then who reads them?
Granted, I do tend to overdo the information bits.

The old Plan

In my early days, I planned to have an income which could support an in-town office/shop where it should have been easier to deal with people, offer advice and generally get more repairs done with more staff.
This was in the middle/end of a recession so property prices were still high, which still haven’t recovered now that we are heading into another, this plan didn’t go ahead due to lack of income.

Ideally, this would have been a supply hub for local and online orders, I got contracts with distributors and an idea for the site to adjust its stock from suppliers.
By the time I got all this working and learnt how API’s work, the stocks declined and many more resellers appeared all over the internet. This is something I want to get back to now I know how to automate most of it.

Yea so, that pretty much sums up my motivation nowadays. Hardly anything to post about.

Objectives to do

  • Redesign site
  • Make more posts, try to sort their tone out.
  • Stabilise products supply to list.


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