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A Brief Guide to Google Services

A Brief Guide to Google Services:    

Its more than a Search Engine now, Google offers businesses and people a lot of resources and tools. Today I’m going to briefly topic them and explain a little on how they will help.

Google’s Goal

Google’s services can all work from one account, whether it business or personal, they all get bundled into..

 Google Plus (Google+).

Your starting point and how you can image yourself or brand online and through Google’s services.

Share pictures, links, websites, create pages on your hobby or business. Create and interact with Communities of like-minded people.

Google Mail (Gmail)

Google’s Mail service which is pretty powerful for a free service, Not even Outlook can automatically filter your Twitter emails into their own folder from the very start. Along with custom categories and filtering options, a few clicks and you can have a pretty organized inbox!

Google Calendar/Tasks

These 2 items are now built into Google Mail, making it easier to add email contacts to tasks and invitations to calendar. Also integrated to G+ so your big work BBQ can have its own fancy page and announcement and a guest list can be automatically set-up.

Tasks are being a bit hidden in Gmail so its possible this could be removed once Google work out a better looking/working system for them.

Google Apps

Not so much of a free service now, think of it as an Enterprise suite for business like Exchange used to work, or Blackberry business solution.

Plug your domain name in, and your company has office tools and intranet facilities.

Google Documents/Drive 

Access your documents on the go.. Word, Excel are supported and accessible from mobile devices. Even has a drawing application. You can even create documents on the move too, all synchronised by cloud.

There is a hidden part which is like a post it note system.. Google Keep!


Yes, Google brought it. Very soon you can create a channel by creating a G+ page. The Branding potential of this is great.


Latitude is a Maps offspring and should tell you what’s in your area, who’s where and offer ‘Check In’ information. As its focused in the US more than UK I’ve not tried it very much.


Shows you what’s where, businesses, routes.. even local transport information. A new version is being rolled out which I’ll try to write-up on. It looks good!

Local / Places

The ‘One stop shop’ for local events/points of interest and businesses, much like a telephone directory. Often filled with old information and invites users to edit or claim it if its their business.

As a Business owner you can use this to handle your Google presence on Maps and it is directly integrated into G+ allowing you to directly edit information and add offers and advertising.


The tool for editing Google Maps and many users are using it to correct information such as wrong locations, misplaced names, closed down venues, etc… It is community and user moderated with users reviewing edits in their area.


A surprisingly Easy to use tool with budgeting and keyword analyser. It’ll allow you to display your products in boxes on websites (Like Below) which run the Ad-sense service.


A service which allows you to display ads and earn little revenue when clicked. Integrates into YouTube for Monetization.



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