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A long awaited update

Long awaited update, been busy, ill and overdriving on anxiety.


Add to that the migraines increasing, the anxiety ramping up preventing me from interacting with people. Phone system hardly working and about to be ditched, to the operator saying ‘you can’t do everything online.. except cancel your account, and request tech support, or enquire..’. Useful.

I have taken on a few coding projects to try to get my mind back on things. Some of which works well, none of it will keep me alive or earn anything. I think I prefer the coding rather than dealing with people. Between them, the nerve damage in my arm returned from a previous injury, combine that with the recent heat and you got a very painful and not movable elbow, a brain which demands a bit of rest and quiet then refusing to do so.

First priority is to sort the phone system out, Either get rid or transfer to a more manageable provider.

Then document my projects up and get them either on my sites or GitHub. Redesign the site and decide what I want to do. Keep going? Just sell parts? or stop everything and just do the contract work/Coding?



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