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A Tough month

Hello, August has been tough..

First of all.. Welcome to the new site!

Hows does it look? what do you think? You can actually tell us thanks to the smartness that is WordPress!

There is still a few bugs (Tested in Internet Explorer 6.. I really hope no one uses that any more!  It looked terrible!) and we are still learning how powerful the system is, Social Media and content wise its perfect!

Product wise, it’s not but we can build solutions for that!

So most of my August was spent testing various Content Management System’s on our local test server, and building some revised sites for a couple of clients, As well as call outs to technical support and other life issues. While the site switches over, I will be moving too.. Our drop in service will be affected badly for a month, our call out service shouldn’t be too bad.. if I remember where I’ve packed the networking and diagnostic tools!

So what happens now?

If you are reading this post before 5th September 2013.. Well done! you’re a bit of a detective and found our surprise redesign early!

If all goes well, this site will be the main Littleport IT Services site from 5th of September. We hope to continue providing Local IT support on site/Offsite and remotely thanks to Google  Hangouts. We also hope to start YouTube with some tips/tricks and review videos.

Left to do:

Make some videos.

Make interesting and/or useful content.

Try to be entertaining (!)

Add in social commenting.. (Currently WordPress based accounts can comment, would like to bring in Facebook and G+ users).

That’s all for now! thanks for reading and checking us out



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