About Littleport IT Services

Littleport IT Services was founded as a Freelance service in 2011, with a few customers asking us to look into some problems and projects, moving onto fitting out a new office and setting up in-house servers for a local business.

With 12 years Hardware, software troubleshooting  and system building experience,  Almost 5 years of networking and coming up to 3 years of programming in various languages, we are pretty much an All Rounder IT Service, all run by 1 person at the moment, We hope for this to change to a team of experts and extra helpfulness!

 At the moment, we are setting out to build our company base on-line, however, we have big plans to set up a long-term warehouse and head office premises with possible training.

With that in mind, you can be sure that we offer you both quality customer service as well as fair prices for any of your IT needs.

About our services:

Our business includes offering IT services and support to both people and companies. This includes anything from removing viruses, malware to networking issues.

Being on a freelance basis means you can hire us to help with projects for when you want, however long you want.

We also offer advice and direct contact to build customers new computer systems which will be built to specific customer groups such as gamers, office workers, designers and home users. These often unique systems are aimed to be as upgradable and customizable as possible.

Any of your computer needs can be discussed and advised over the phone, via e-mail or in person* with one of our engineers.


Currently, we are adding a lot more products to our webshop as well as supporting local users within Littleport and Ely.

Our shop works on a ‘to order’ basis directly from our supplier, with occasional over ordering we gain a stock of small items (designated with a stock amount and lower postage).  When we are a bit bigger we hope to have a bigger choice and stock on site.

We hope you enjoy our website, why not look at the services we offer or get in touch.

*Currently we can only offer in-person appointments with one of our engineers in the Littleport, Ely area and surrounding towns and villages.