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Almost back to Normality?

With the lifting of the restrictions, we might be almost back to normality?

It’s going to be strange and stressful.
I was completely inept at social interactions before all this. So I’m not sure if I can cope with dealing with clients face to face again.

Personally, Not likely to be vaccinated before June/July, if at all. Migraines and stress aren’t much better either.

Global stocks of parts

There is still a massive shortage of stock of newer parts and equipment, not only due to the chaos of the pandemic, but we got a semiconductor shortage and crypto miners buying up GPUs and drives like crazy. This is partly the reason why I’ve not updated the site stock, compared to other parts retailers our prices will be too high once we get anything.


Not sure. I want to look at services and pricing again.

Some repair jobs are getting trickier with HP following Apples lead by hiding its model numbers under obscure numbers or just having text slightly off colour of the casing. All in Ones gluing parts down with stronger glue than the hinge welds you want to repair.

Overall I’m not sure how much longer I can offer services without the confidence of being able to inspect, advise or procure parts when everything’s rare or getting more expensive.


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