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The April ‘What’s happening’ Post

I’m getting stuck into another project so thought I’d post that I’m still alive, and still fighting the silliness all over. Some changes coming to the site as I adjust things and get them working again.

The April ‘temporary’ stuff

  • I’m scaling the shop part down. It takes a lot of effort to get things on there and it’s not fulfilling its purpose properly.
  • Blog posts are going to be slow while I work through a few things.
  • Refining the way the site works.
  • Call outs are picking up, as these are my primary income, they are highest priority.
  • Website work picking up, again this is high priority as its income.

The long-term plans

  • We might have somewhere in Town to work from soon.. if things go our way (or if another local company wants a place too and looking to share?)
  • Looking at how we can help people upgrade to fibre now it’s here.
  • Looking at making our own themes and site templates for faster website deployments.
  • Speed of this site is becoming an Issue, may have to back up everything and clean the server off and start again from root.

That’s all for Maniac Monday,┬áNow its sunny again we have to fight to keep sunlight from blinding us.


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