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Avoid expensive payments on Ipad/ Iphone/ iOS purchases

How to Avoid expensive iOS mistakes!

We’ve all seen the embarrassing news stories where people have racked up hundreds with expensive hidden charges on mobile games or in-game purchases. Turns out there’s an app for that… well probably not, but there is a system setting!


  1. Under ‘Settings’, find your  ‘General’ icon and access it.
  2. Find and tap ‘Restrictions’.
  3. If it’s not already set-up, everything will be grayed out. Click on ‘Enable Restrictions’ at the top to enable the rest of the options.
  4. Once enabled, you will need to create a new four digit pass code and confirm, be sure this one is different to your lock screen for an extra bit of security.
  5.  After setting up the pass code, you should check the now enabled options.
  6. Toggle ‘In-App purchases’ to stop them pesky apps.
  7. Remember to test it before letting anyone else loose on it.

After this is set-up you should see a screen in your games/apps saying ‘Purchases have been disabled’

With most major game developers eyeing up Free to Play/Pay to Win business models for desktop and mobile, always stay vigilant of what you are running on your devices.

Thanks to PC Mag for this tip!


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