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Broadband liberates small village from ‘NoSpot’ Tyranny


“I bloody hate this no internet lark” Used to hear that every few weeks or so when I pop over to a client in a nearby village. They had to pay for their own Internet solution after BT refused put in any technology for decades in their exchange, claiming it’s not worth the cost. The only choice other than a very expensive ‘Leased Line’, was Satellite, which works out more to set up, but around the same cost per month. For most Applications, it’s not easily┬ápossible. The download ability is high, the upload reliability is very low and unresponsive.

It’s a sight I see quite often around here, Film lovers who can’t get even watch a YouTube video without it being interrupted. Tech Buff’s who show me their new expensive gadget, then ask me how they can use it without using the intermittent/non-existent signals for 3G technologies built-in.

 So anyway, Welcome to Fibre (To The Cabinet) Internet Prickwillow!

Its been a while for Prickwillow, with a telephone network population of around 300 premises has waited a very long time for any sort of connection. Private enterprise had a go early in the ADSL years when Local Loop unbundling came in, and found it’s not so easy.

Thankfully, with encouragement of government and localised funding, BT has started upgrading most of its infrastructure around the country, including the smaller villages what were ‘not viable’ before.

To check if Super-fast, or any sort of broadband is available in your area, check OpenReach’s tool.

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