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Busy busy busy

Been a busy few weeks here, and seems to be getting busier.

We have 2 urgent tasks to finish for clients, one being a website refresh, the other being an Add on. One of which needs to be done before the 10th March, the module needs to have basic functionality by the end of month. Both have their random quirks, the modules quirks however aren’t as helpful or fun.. That’d be why it’s not highest priority

Also we appreciate the increase in customers and the word of mouth generation, Much thanks to our customers and I hope to keep on impressing you with this workload.

I will be doing a course to brush up on a few skills over the next few weeks so, shall we call it a little holiday for me? (really it isn’t and I’m likely to get more stressed etc..) Definitely want the most high priority work done before that.

Other changes; 

Progress on shop inventory system, automated stock might be working soon (complete failure 5 minutes ago on a test). At the moment it’s not checking for out of stock/discontinued or removed from supplier lists.. Currently a brain ache that one and a complete pain if left out.


Had a few ideas for my own logo, looks a little horrible and drab at the moment.. I like things sharp, clean and a tiny bit of colour.. So hoping after my worse-than-normal-days holiday type thing I’ll be able to draw some up.

Sanity wise

I’ve tried to tidy up my desk too, too much paperwork litters it, odd bits like hard drive parts. Small tools I’ve needed the past week which have no holder or pack to go in. Cables for odd jobs what need somewhere to live..

Really want to make a push on that before I end up buying more notepads to write more stuff on as they come in.

Quick edit.. 

Why the hell do I have 12 rolls of sellotape?! I never use the stuff!


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