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Catching up

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Photo by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

Didn’t expect to be catching up so much, as a lone worker with lots of ideas there so much I can only get done in a day.

Building new plugins, new themes, keeping up with the latest Anti Virus benchmarks.. It never ends!

New products, advertising that I can get these new products, dealing with phone calls thinking I’m one of the other Littleport Computer companies what have mysteriously sprung up.. Dealing with the robotic PPI calling crap ( I know where you are Frenchy nuisance bot!).

Currently, along with dealing with too much sun, I am:

  • brushing up on my skills with some programming courses,
  • researching cryptocurrencies,
  • planning system builds for sale,
  • updating business plan
  • debating a rebrand.. Really the 3-5 other ‘Littleport Computer blah blah’ is annoying me!
  • building some HMTL5 start templates, and a learner pack for another side project (more on this later!)
  • Update this WordPress theme to run a little faster, slimmer CSS and more responsive.. Or build my own from scratch for site.
  • Support WooCommerce Computer Builder to get it to official release stage and in the WordPress (or Woo’s) repository. 99.9% there, just need feedback from WP/WC community on it
  • Code more plugins to handle Social media interactions and post details better than the 4/5 plugins what are supposed to be doing that.

What I’d also like to get done (soonish):

  • Get products updated automatically/live
  • Increase sales with the above so I can concentrate on things easier instead of worrying every time someone enquires about a product.
  • Set-up some templates in various software/languages for ‘Code School’ initiative.

If you think that I’m reaching burn out and don’t socialise enough.. Well you’re half right, I’m recovering from thinking too much on projects and related stress. As for the socialising, I hope to get out and about more when I’ve finished panicking or over thinking projects and will be catching up with the Link4Growth crew in Ely when I can. Hopefully soon to be further afield to other venues when I can (if allowed!).


featured Photo by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho