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Summer 2020

This year, despite being a complete pain in the arse, has gone a bit quick, we’ve almost got past Summer already! As I’m trying to wrap up several projects and frameworks, I’ve found I’ve not updated content on this site for a while.

green grass filled hill under blue sky
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Having survived 30+ degrees, and happily into the rain season, time to catch up.

Summer Plans

With nerve injury still present, smaller repairs like phones, tablets and circuity are out. I’ll be adjusting pages to make that clearer over next few days.

We will be looking at supplying parts directly again via drop-shipping. Need to do something while this Corona-virus crisis prevents us from onsite jobs and repairs. Alas the software available for listing our own products is terrible and results in 503 errors occasionally. Fun.

I also intend to write more, possibly FAQ’s to save people effort int finding stuff. Basic troubleshooting click guides.

Long term mentality

It may shock people to learn that when I go out to onsite jobs/visits. I’m actually terrified because of Anxiety. Being stuck in isolation Since January has not been good for my brain. Going through Spring with sneezing/coughing from Hay fever and suddenly freaking out that it might be COVID-19.

So yea, basically admitting that you’re a complete nervous wreck when it comes to people, even ones you know, its probably a bad idea. But I feel I need to explain why some days I just shut down and hide, switch off the phone and just.. well scream internally and get worse. It even effects the projects, my designs/plans and basic posts. I don’t even use Facebook anymore because of the anxiety it gives me. Only good thing about it is that I don’t go on Twitter anymore, which I guess is the only positive thing.

It’s not the ideal mental state which someone who relies on being able to explain technical stuff to others, being able to teach in a way, should have. Hell, no one should have to suffer with this. But this world isn’t kind to any of us.

And if this sound familiar to you, do something about it, get help before something like this crisis locks you in it.

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A long awaited update

Long awaited update, been busy, ill and overdriving on anxiety.


Add to that the migraines increasing, the anxiety ramping up preventing me from interacting with people. Phone system hardly working and about to be ditched, to the operator saying ‘you can’t do everything online.. except cancel your account, and request tech support, or enquire..’. Useful.

I have taken on a few coding projects to try to get my mind back on things. Some of which works well, none of it will keep me alive or earn anything. I think I prefer the coding rather than dealing with people. Between them, the nerve damage in my arm returned from a previous injury, combine that with the recent heat and you got a very painful and not movable elbow, a brain which demands a bit of rest and quiet then refusing to do so.

First priority is to sort the phone system out, Either get rid or transfer to a more manageable provider.

Then document my projects up and get them either on my sites or GitHub. Redesign the site and decide what I want to do. Keep going? Just sell parts? or stop everything and just do the contract work/Coding?


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Summer of discontent

It’s been a while since the last post, here’s a bit about whats been happening.

Lack of motivation

It’s gone, I’ve had to force myself to write this with any word what comes into my head. My ability to formulate sentences is gone, virtually no motivation to write anything. can’t concentrate on much, and when I can I’m disturbed into sorting something else out.

Watch the news, reminds me that I’m in a depressing world. Recieve emails from government ‘help’ schemes for keeping things moving, not much help at all when its ‘EXPORTING IS THE FUTURE! Join us in London to meet people from far off places who won’t be interested in what you sell! (also we cancelled all the trains!)’. That is not good advice, not in this climate with every department involved in exporting not having a clue how it will happen after 2019.

I can’t work out why either. Each time I focus on a big task for the day, something else appears to be wrong. Uncertainty over the future? the entire world going mad? general survival? trying to get too much done at once? who knows.

Things breaking

Over the past 3 months, we’ve increasing seen the local infrastructure change or break down badly. Roads have been modified and resurfaced resulting in months of chaos. Add on to that that various services have dug up paths and the resurfaced road since.

Not just that. Bank systems connecting to accounts broke, the automatic invoicing system appears to not be automatic at all. 100’s of emails from recruiters who are misreading my data on their databases (who have it on there without permission), likely stored a CV from 2010. Telling them to delete it appears to be too complex for a human, and the ‘unsubscribe’ crap doesn’t work.


Around the same time last year, I somehow picked up an infection which restricted my ability to do much quickly and easily. It happened again, while not as bad or as specific as last time, it’s caused a few more mobility issues. Combine that with the migraines, weeks of tiredness from hayfever, and trying to get projects out of the way. Not much time to work out how to stop it all. Also the possibility that I’m getting slightly unhinged on the whole thing. Meh.


I’ve always thought that I’ve got too much to focus on.

  • Local repairs seem to be great when they are available.
  • Web consultancy is being hit hard by lack of creativity and motivation.
  • Wasn’t a fan of the online freelancing stuff, sure it’s great to find someone to get your website fixed or something designed quickly for a small fee. But you are not gonna get 6 months of website construction for $200.
  • Mobile device repairs. Just no. If it’s not glued down, there’s a reason bugging me why it isn’t. Was never happy with the way some repairs worked out. Not particularly happy with melting the face off an iPad to remove its glue then melting a very thin piece of glass, which won’t stay in place to connect its bits, back in.


So looking at it all, I’m thinking of shutting down most of the business, but retaining the freelance part, which includes:

  • Continue Supporting existing customers.
  • Maintaining a more personal blog (funded by Amazon links or Adsense?)
  • Custom coding of themes/plugins.
  • Selling parts/stock.
  • Any other small jobs we can find.


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Thanks WooCommerce…

So we’ve been working on something to make importing product data, price and pictures easier and quicker to do with our system and consistency hitting walls in terms of API limitations and PHP knowledge and technicals.

WooCommerce had a major update this month and we spotted this:

Feature – Built-in product CSV importer and exporter for products.

Nice I thought, worth a shot and it works great. Except that there’s still the image duplication issues and you can’t add new products at the same time as updating the existing ones. This can be fixed with two runs with a check box unticked.

Though it is faster than the existing solution, seems I have to continue using the old one to have new products added at the same time.

I’m still looking at an API solution to analyse previous stock against new price list, which will be handy when I get time to promote products before they are out of stock.


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Special Projects Division

Working on a few new things.

A huge amount of what I do is experimentation, coding specific applications to do their thing. Sometimes it works and wrecks something else, Most of the time it doesn’t at all, and rarely it works without tweaking everything to do with it.

With a bit of success with an API project, calling data from a client’s internal server to their website has given me an idea for using with WooCommerce’s built-in system.

This gave me a few ideas on automating the product system, the API will do everything to do with sync, with an exception: Custom Fields. We use Custom Fields for our Specifications tab, which is a source of critical information on each product.

A workaround would be to add the ‘Specification’ field in our files to Woo’s attribute system, so it shows under the Additional Information tab (can be renamed). I’d prefer not to use that as Variable Products use that tab for personalising product options (from preset text selections, not from stock options. that’d be too easy and part of another project!).

Many more thing’s to come as I learn more how JSON/API’s and other languages work.

Sometimes I wish I had a team.




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Quick September update

A quick September update, not much happening as we are working on various projects.

Scheduled items:

  • Swap contact form to add function for journalling onto a ticket CRM.
  • Sort SEO fields on products, categories and tags.
  • Fix tags not importing/merging on product update. Or just fix the import system entirely.
  • Switch to completely HTTPS.
  • General stability, security and the crawler bot whack-a-mole.
  • More regular content, hoping for the return to humour.
  • CSS fixes for layouts and making the site pretty again.
  • Winter theme

Some ‘would like to sort outs’:

  • Brain, motivation, not taking 3-4 weeks to put out a ‘quick’ blog post.
  • Bring the system builder project online, we’ve paused development on our own one and trying out ‘Composite Products’ for a while.
  • Decide what I want to do with the site. To be honest, It’s becoming a pain. Update products to sell to no one. Write for no one.


An item what constantly slips my mind and keeps getting pushed away is Marketing. Attempting to get more traffic to the site see’s more bots probe our defensive wall, listing the products and adapting their appearance doesn’t seem to gain interest from anything real. With the site being hosted on a server which can handle its experiments, it’s got to pay its way somehow.

Having a brief chat with other bloggers who seem to have made money from their site gives us the answer of ‘Write an ebook, harvest email addresses in exchange for it’. What? How on earth does that work?

When it takes ages to be able to find time to sit down and write something which people can understand for a short blog post. I really don’t think I can write a book. Not a decent one anyway.

Another answer was to cram the site full of video, do podcasts. I speak worse than I type so that’s not going to happen.

Until next time, remember it’s creepy crawly season so dusty PC’s are going to happen.



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Guess its Summer now

With the onslaught of the giant ball of nuclear energy bearing down on us, it seems Summer has started

With the hot weather, some house cleaning is in order for your PC. Clear those vents of dust and check your air flows! Adding packs of tissues to call out bag as hay fever is ramping up.

This month we’ll be rolling out the new server for the website, a proper VPS (expensive) from now on (well, end of June?). As well as testing some SEO updating, import tools and Page builder plugins. The page builder plugins will hopefully add some style to our posts and pages. The shop part isn’t performing well at all, and suspect server stability and pseudo SSL could be the reason.

Hopefully, this will roll out soon, but as one project completes, more things crop up that day.

Need to start thinking about a holiday, not had a proper one for over 15 years. Perhaps getting to drive first and then escaping for a few days away would be more affordable than escaping the snow/overpowered sun.

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Testing a new trick

We’re testing a new trick on the site this week, some fancy looking pages may appear soon.coding-day-1024x575


What this new trick does, is loads a selection of posts or pages into a single page with each page/post in its own Parallax style section.

Parallax is basically the background staying in place while the content moves above it. At the moment, this can be using for theming multi-page guides or a collection of similar articles. The Only downside is I have to hard code each array of posts/pages for it to work.

Ideal use for this would be the portfolio category. Spot the problem there? It’s a category and not a page so this won’t work. Not easily anyway.

After a bit of work, I think it’d look great. Maybe write something to allow users to select what goes into the sections in the future.

Also, If I get the tweaking right and find some decent background images, we can have Services and Contact pages on a continuous home page.

Oh yes, for an example of what I’m on about. Scroll down.

This post has been hacked around.. customized a bit to show it off below, so will look odd missing author box and comments section.

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Mid Week wonderings, 14th April

14th April,  Bit of a diversion from the normal irregular blog posts.

14th April, not much happening and to be perfectly honest, I should be blogging to get people interested in the site and potentially sell items. But, I’m out of ideas to blog about.

Sure I can do a regular update on how well a coding project is going, but who’s interested in ‘Found a much simpler way to recall a function several times, silly me’ style short posts? Not many.

By the time I’ve caught up on reading about new tech, it’s here, expensive, and not as good as hoped. I could say something about the upcoming Zen chips, but when the benchmarks come, I doubt many will be impressed. Same with new Graphics card techs, the engines they are being built for haven’t switched to DirectX11 yet, and there’s one hell of a boost from just DirectX9/10 to 11 if games allow it.

Sitewise, I could go on about how API might help our product updates go more regularly? (there’s an upload going on now, takes ages.) It also doesn’t support Custom Fields yet, so our critical Specifications and Compatability information won’t get uploaded. Throw in the fact that I’d have to make a Windows App to take supplier CSV, translate it to API and fire it at the website.

The Shop

Now this is becoming a pain, for the past 3 years it’s been on the site, not a single sale. Fixed issues with the built in Paypal module, and SSL/HTTPS, Still working on automating product updates and imports. To what end? to end up putting stocked items on eBay again?

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A spanner in the works.

Our system builder plugin has thrown another spanner in the works.

A spanner along the lines of “You know what would work better for existing machines what need configuring by users?” Uhoh.. “The options being on the product’s page!”.  Thanks brain, been too busy on the builder to actually notice that.

Now that’s been thought up, I’m thinking of using that instead of starting a new product, limit choices on each machine tied to board/CPU. Offer a choice of a case instead of making the case a starting point.

Back to the start again, some of the stuff I can use from earlier work. Most of it won’t work in the new structure.

Another aim of the project was to use scripts and functions built into WordPress and Woocommerce rather than calling in more scripts, which would go out of date if hard coded. By using WordPress’s own libraries, we shouldn’t have to worry about jQuery for a while.

I’ll add the select method as an additional file to the Github repository of the project. Upon that update, I’ll final version that and start a new plugin for the product page customizer.

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The Bank Holiday End of August to do list…

Still tons to do with Website and life, being ill recently has taught me that I’m completely unorganized.

  • Sort out the Header on website.. latest theme update broke the white box and took a good 40 minutes to see what blocked it. Maybe redesign the colours so it doesn’t happen again? It’s responsive resize has disappeared too.
  • Get a new logo, Had some ideas while I was ill last week.. since my creativity is terrible when I’m at my best I’d thought I’d not risk it… Maybe an idea for a new post?
  • Update all product images.. After seeing almost 3gb in the images storage and finding 5 copies of everything, we’ve adjusted the system and should only have 1 version of each product image.. I hope. All products need to be refreshed too.
  • Update products manually
  • Setup the Device Repair widgets Via Repairshopr, integrate it into site for invoice/customer(what?!) tracking and bookings.
  • New server for SSL, projects and stability.. the more I look into this, the more work it seems like before we even have a site on there.
  • Check up on Clients sites and work out what to do about a non responsive client.
  • Silders and images, Worked hard on making special sections for them to work.. It’s about time I should use them.
  • read up on the latest SAMBA release and script it all into an upgrade package for some file-servers which are also due some disk upgrades.
  • Thanks to HSBC’s system glitching out, it seems I need to manually update accounts.
  • Auto thanks to our Accounts package, some invoices haven’t reached their intended targets, or ended up in spam folders.
  • Finish off Computer Product Builder (WCPB) to Version 1 and close it on Github.
  • Start up Computer Customizer Tab plugin.

There’s plenty more what will crop up.. I’m sure of it.

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Littleport Village,Town, I don’t know anymore

Littleport, I thought was great years ago…

It has history, had shops we could actually use and get to, shoe shop, a proper hardware store, several pubs, butchers, greengrocer and 2 banks.. This was at least 5-15 years ago.

Now, it seems if you want to run a business here, it’s either got to be a million pound funded venture in the business parks, or a takeaway in the centre of town…

Why am I calling it a town? It’s still a village technically, a huge village which stretches for 5 miles from north to south with over 8,800 people living in it.

Why do I get the feeling its going wrong? Well, the growth of population is good. The traffic is far too much for our roads, with most of our main routes having on street parking in front of busy junctions.

Tried to cross or get onto Wisbech Road recently? Seems to take ages to wait for cars to stop coming at silly little intervals. With the Big Co-Op on that road you’d think there’d be some crossing points put in with its twists and poor visibility on most of it?.. Nope.

What else was there? Oh yes, our last butcher retired a few months ago, so now the only place you’ll get fresh meat or vegetables/fruit is the supermarkets (not really that fresh…), Greengrocer went many years ago and is very much missed. There is a small farm shop from what I can tell past the industrial area, very far from town center.

Surrounding (lack of) Infrastructure..

We have a (shared) cycle lane what goes 3 quarters of the way around a busy roundabout!.. Exciting. It’s also a shared cycle path what doesn’t tell you until you’re up to the 2nd crossing of it.. Good work planners! Also it’s not wide enough for pedestrian and cyclists and with the far end (industrial side of the roundabout) looking like it’s designed to kill cyclists thanks to the trees what block any view of traffic from the Ely side of the A10.

The countryside is great to cycle through.. Just watch out for the wind, It’s so flat here that it’ll blast you off when anyone overtakes you. Oh and you thought Little Downham or Soham was only 5 miles away? you have to go at least 8-20 miles in twisty roads to get to them.. Still quicker to cycle than bus… Okay there is a quicker way to Downham by getting down the back road.. For Soham there is a detour around River Lark which avoids most of the traffic but is no means faster.

Want to go somewhere with no car? Well to Ely with you and at least an hours wait to change over as most of the buses to other villages/towns are scheduled badly and run very few runs. Train is not much better with choice of 2 routes.. Downham Market and Ely. Want to learn to drive? Easy.. Want to pass your tests? Kings Lynn or Cambridge for you, and over a miles walk to theory centres.

Up to this month, I was a motorbiker. Engine issues, abnormal punctures, aches and pains from riding and odd noises (from both me and bike I guess..) means I’d be carting it to an engineer regularly.. except the nearest is Witchford (around 18 miles..) who’s very busy. No car, no trailer, no help has made me think sod it and sell. Not a good show for Harley’s birthplace. I don’t drive as I’ve never had time nor the money to do so, now I have thats proving to be a pain to do as well.

If you use the current schools, and walk to and from them, Good on you. I lived next door to a school and majority of the time you couldn’t get down the road for cars, people, trucks.. busiest and noisiest times of the day for that road.

So what started this odd rant?

Our last bank is closing this month, but its okay.. we can use the very busy  small Post Office to deposit money.. But not sort out loans, or the banks mess ups or anything else… You know, what you actually visit the bank for!.. Unless you love queuing for the only time at lunch you get. With the loss of the Bank, and strain on Post Office increased, I fear that other shops will lose out on business as people will try to get these services in other towns.

Barclays (the last bank remaining in Littleport) is claiming that Online banking has outpaced the branch and their customers are using the Ely branch anyway (maybe 8am-5pm working customers get time to get in the Ely one during lunch?). This seems a bit of a silly reason as most of the town is either elderly or untrusting of online services. Either way, isolationism of any group is not a good way to go. Our older generation needs the human interaction of the Bank staff to be reassured of things, a service you don’t get from a computer even if you are happy to use them.

Ely is going the same way, only with much higher business rates thrown in, more traffic, and less independent shops as time goes on.

But I guess its okay because Takeaways will save our local economy..

It’s not all bad!

On the positive side, We’re getting a new Primary and Secondary schools (and Leisure Centre?). We have a masterplan already released a few years back indicating new industrial and employment zones along with housing areas. So far only the schools have the thumbs up, with tons of negotiations involving our MP required to help that.

Here’s some articles on our town’s future

Part of me wants this town.. Sorry Village, to succeed and grow nicely.. the rest of me wants to get out of here while my legs and mind works properly.

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The bother of getting a new phone..

I have a dilemma.. iPhone or a mid range Android phone?

I’ve been out of contract for 4-6 years now, the current phone I use is a battered HTC Hero (came out in 2007?), and it’s currently got a bulging battery which won’t hold its charge.. and looks of ‘what the hell is that thing!?’ from people who spot me using it.

Thanks to the limited budget choices of ‘modern technology’ and our ‘generous’ network operators.. Boils down to the choice of iOS or Android. I’m also considering a card payment system for on site visits, so security is a must.

I’d also prefer up to date security when dealing with clients networks/systems from the phone or tablet, something Android couldn’t keep up with.

Some of the services I want to offer make the iPhone choice more popular.

  • I want to be able to send receipts or efficiently time track jobs on site.
  • I want to be able to pull up system/parts specifications from our testing database or invoice system
  • The software I’m looking at for on site payment processing and booking in jobs, customers and retrieving information all have iOS apps, but ‘coming soon to Android’.. By which time it’ll be Android 5+ only leaving my 2.1 Hero, or an Android 4.4 alternative.. screwed and back to square 1.
  • In terms of user security and tracking. It works better.
  • It’s 1 OS rules all model works out cheaper than buying a high-end Android, better way of future proofing.
  • Remote Apps can allow me to create invoices/estimates in the field, place orders out of office and also in some case remote assist clients.
  • HDR photo mode looks nice to use, on all models since 4s.
  • Actual regular updates for security. My HTC only ever had 1 update in its lifetime and that was at least 4 years ago.

And the points of why I don’t want to choose iPhone.

  • Its Apple.. From a technical aspect its horrendous to work with.
  • Expensive unless I go for a crippled/feature missing versions such as 4s or 5c
  • Even though I can replace the screen myself, it does get expensive with iPhones being the only ones I’ve seen break consistency (Winning with 5 iPhone/iPad screens replaced to 1 Android tablet). My HTC Hero has been dropped 3 times and ran over.. and all what happened was a few dents and a scratch on the casing.
  • Bad build quality, especially in the 6 series (Bendy ones).
  • Being able to use the new services to remote connect to a problem PC would have clients expect me to do it from anywhere!
  • Siri, Apple’s voice assistant.. The whole thought of it is just.. gimmicky?
  • Apple’s mapping software was and probably still a little off..  Would you like to travel by road or river? Luckily Google Maps has an App for iOS.

I used to like Android, Here’s why I’d go for it again:

  • Base integration with Google email, Apps and reliable search/mapping.
  • Open system so you can make your own apps.
  • The Apps on the services I’m looking at using to do my job efficiently are ‘Coming Soon’
  • Actual USB connectors, I can fit mini A and B into my Hero at the moment. All Apple phones are ‘Lightning’ based cables which seem expensive to replace.

And the bad points:

  • My HTC hero only ever got 1 update.. from 2.0.6 to 2.2.1, and that took at least 4-8 months for HTC to push to Vodafone then 2-3 months onto handset, this was 4 years ago.. Seen the same lack of support/updates with many more Android handsets. I can see this happening again.
  • Decent supported handsets such as the Nexus’s are very expensive, Support comes directly from Google and the Nexus 5, despite being at least 4 years old is still getting updates.
  • 1000’s of Apps to try.. Still no filtering on good bad or the ugly.
  • lots to choose from, maybe too many models?
  • Manufactured devices with branded OS seem bloated and ‘designed to fail’
  • ‘Coming Soon’ might as well be classed as ‘You’ll be lucky’ and ‘Prepare for Disappoint’.
  • They are either behind and trying to catch up with Apple, or just introducing new things to drive prices higher.

And for the people who says ‘what about Windows phones?’

  • It’s Windows. If I wanted to carry around a Windows device I’d get a Surface or netbook. While it seems easier to do, again new features and security and lack of apps is an issue.
  • Not really a mobile solution and issues with RT/normal windows interactivity. Would mean the stuff I want to use can be done via web interfaces.
  • More susceptible to malware, though I could possibly roll it back each time.

And Blackberry?

  • How are they still going?
  • No really.. how?

It’s possibly looking like an Apple phone for me, as the integration with the tools I use is already there and decent Android handsets what aren’t already out of support are somehow more expensive.


Photo by free_programmer

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The Weather’s nice, and I feel …Bleurgh..

‘After a week and a bit of illness, I can finally get some work don-*coughing fit*’

As I get older, I feel being ill a slightly strange experience.. Sometimes autopilot will kick off and takes care of it while I continue doing what I need to.. Or my brain just goes into useless mode. Like reading an article on a Breathalyzer for smartphones and thinking ‘do smartphones breath? why do they need to get breathalyzed?!’.

Usually I have a strong pain/sickness threshold and normally brush illness off quickly, it’s a bit more difficult when a coughing fit throws you into various large fittings and appliances, and with clumsiness.. I felt it better to take a few days out.

Also be lucky I built a spellchecker into the site.. my spelling has suffered as well over the last few days.

Anyway.. Whats coming up for us?

A few big long articles have been written up and nearly ready for release, one documents my mulling over a new phone, while the other is a sort of review of a Network Attached Storage device.

We’re set on a small office/warehouse unit in town for a repair base sometime in the future, this is open to ideas if anyone knows anywhere, or taken on a unit too big for them.. It’s a long way off yet.

Site news

I’m bringing the shop part of the site down to focus on plugins and functions. I feel it hasn’t performed as well as I liked and most parts of it could do better with more functionality. Future features includes a System Builder module that I’ve started and a few other projects I’ve thought up. The idea of not having to add/sort 1500 product details on a regular basis should allow me more time to get projects and client work done quicker.

Some of the plugin work we hope to finish will help other stores and that could be more of a revenue stream. Also with some quick and easy to adjust HTML5 templates to show off small-scale sites, and some of our own work in Portfolio’s.

We’re also looking at a proper VPS solution to deploy when things start taking off again, for a more stable site and automated updates.

There’s more to do, but most of it is focusing and planning what goes where. But first to get a clear mind, throat and feel better..

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Mobile Optimization… yay?

Everything the last few weeks have been going on about how your site looks on mobile will affect how you appear in Google searches…

We were ready, at least until I checked Google’s Mobile readiness in which the preview panel looked a complete mess. Can I trust it? In a word.. No.

Obviously I tested it myself using my own Mobile (ancient HTC Hero.. 6-7 year old with probably a well outdated browser) and Chrome’s Viewport system under development tools (inspect element/Device emulation) and it looked okay apart from the side menu not deciding where to go.

“Okay I can fix that” I thought to myself. Finding the CSS and testing a sneaky Display: none on the element, good. Put it into the files.. Nope!

@media=”all” vs Irate coder with the delete button.

After messing about with the settings and attempting to pinpoint where it was being overwritten, I find the original CSS for the theme is all designating @media=”all” and no other viewports.. I should have spotted that when I was building the site really.

Luckily it’s accepted that our menu part should have an exception for devices under 480px, so mobiles should render less text/scripts as the menu is put into a mobile friendly button at top.  Took a good while to get it to do it though.

Next thing to sort out is how images are defined for mobiles and make sure that’s playing nicely. Oh and fixing the auto poster, prepping for server move and eventual SSL certificates..

Another site we developed just crashes my HTC’s browser out.. I’m hoping its limited to that only else its a lot more work for me there. But that’s a blog post for another day..