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Missed the simple solution..

For ages I’ve been battling the issue of products on this site not easily removed when they aren’t on the supplier list.. I’ve tried all sorts of code and functions on the development site to cross check and remove data, with no success…

Upon talking to someone who doesn’t care much for technology, who’s recently trying to use a new laptop to keep in contact with distant relatives.. it simply came as a new approach..

“When I break a blade, I put a new one on , throw the old one. I buy a new one when the blade looks rough..”

‘And it works out there’s a regular amount of time they last?’


*Brain says* DeaJae, You twit! He’s just solved it!

“same as milk.. It expires. You buy a new bottle”

*Brain says* Told you so..

Product Expiry could be the answer.. lets say 14 days with automated removal, if the products still on the list it’ll be re-added quickly. Seems it can be done with basic testing completed on the Development server, however it relies on CRON, for timed execution.. which is another thing I’m working on getting working.

This means items which aren’t available will be removed automatically, and if I can get the rest working, automatically added or updated when the stock update is ran. This also means I have to somehow get the automated process to check if the product image already exists.. and some content issues when it does update / replace..  Another job for another day.

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I’m in the wrong job..

Wondering if I’m in the wrong job, I seem to excel at coding and hardware, but writing articles? Pff!

Apparently it was some sell out gaming tournament with some big prizes over last few weeks, Of course not in this country.. That’d be daft!

Playing games professionally may seem like the dream job, I admit I play a fair few too much. Enjoy constant battles against 10’s (or 100’s depending on the game..) of other people with virtually no rest between them. But for me, job wise I’d actually love to build the machines to make stuff like this possible. The chance to try out the new hardware, test it, make sure it works without dropping voltages or other odd random spikes in performance.

After completing my first plugin for WordPress however, recruitment agencies seem to think I’m an expert.. If only if it was that simple.

Sure I’d love to work for someone developing plugins or software for £22,000 or £30,000 a year.. But as I’m finding with the new projects I plan for myself.. I’ve no clue where to start!

Do I create the layout to work out what functions I need? How do i know that the functions I write will work with Core Functions? How will it work when others try it!? I want this plugin to do something, but how on earth do I get it to read a CSV by itself? .. ARGH!

News articles.. What on earth would be interesting? What will get hits on the site?

Sooo Anyway, Keeping busy with projects, clients and the like.. Just fighting to keep everything moving

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We are 3 years old this month!

Well, 3 years since someone said ‘You should make your own IT Company.. You’re good at this logical stuff…’ And I made the mistake of listening…

Must admit, was a silly mistake, and I rushed into it by myself.. Looking back, having a business partner or someone to kick me up the backside to keep me focused on 1 thing at a time should be my top priority. Continue reading We are 3 years old this month!

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Well, it worked?!

At last, Products in the product area up to date. Old, unobtainable stuff got rid of

After a few days of moving stuff around and processing CSV’s and drafting/publishing odd products.. We’ve found a way to be somewhat up to date with stock. It’s still a general mess about though, here’s a quick run through with how much time it takes:

  • Edit suppliers CSV, add in headers, calculate price with delivery, VAT etc. around 20 mins.
  • Check for changes in header info with website processing. about 5 mins.
  • Switch all products on website to Draft mode. about 15 mins
  • Upload new CSV and set to publish the product information and merge current into published mode. Around 4-7 hours processing.. Ouch.
  • Double check the drafts for ‘in Office stock/services/examples’ around 30 mins if needs adjustment.
  • Smile and think ‘That’s a lot of work to do every few days..’

I can cut down the smaller parts by having another spreadsheet read it, do the calculations, then export itself to a new CSV with headers ready for upload.. that’ll save around 30-40 mins total?

The ideal solution would be a live feed from supplier, however both my suppliers and own site don’t have the function for that sort of thing. I’d love it to do it.. But no.. Not until I make some money to invest in that sort of thing.

The main time is the processing. It’ll pull an image from the web to add in, adds the info, specification tab and stock info from file and assigns a unique number for more updates. I don’t mind that wait if it works though, gives me time to sort out call outs and other problems. Just a worry about how much server resources it takes up.

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Have I been slacking?

It’s been a busy few days westacking? I'm pretty sure I typed Slacking..eks here, rushing around saving life’s from misbehaving PC’s. I’m beginning  to ache, not get lunch until late evening. Is it worth it? With the stuff I want to get done still piling up? Feels like I’m slacking.

Running around between customers and sorting a random array of small issues, to major system outages.. Is it normal to feel you are getting nowhere at all generally?

The ‘To Do’ list gets slightly longer, the parts coming in sitting on the ‘We’ll need this later’ stack seems to be growing..

So far I’ve these last 2 weeks, I’ve not had a chance to further build of the PC Configuration module, Nor updated prices or stock.

This Week seems pretty quiet (for the time being) so its going to be catch up coding, finishing projects and paperwork!

So apologies if I’m running late, or not got a quote or Invoice out to you within a few days. I’m getting there with cutting the ‘To Do’ pile down.



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A much puzzling scenario..

Thought I’d write about the problem I seem to have with the current store setup, as its providing weeks and weeks of headaches and non functionality.

We run a CSV list from supplier, contains around 1700 items, some we can sell directly on. Some OEM stuff we don’t want listed, and some titles description I’m not entirely happy with.

Importing them isn’t the problem now I’ve set custom fields for odd bits of data.. Keeping the current items up-to date is. Continue reading A much puzzling scenario..

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Post-Easter To Do list

Its been a while since I’ve been Organized, I’m keen to keep on top of things from now on..

Here’s what I’m working on this week;

  • Social Media encouragement, got the auto posting working (except Google+, needs a new API). If you are following us you’ll get our latest posts and some product reviews.
  • Writing style, it’s all over the place.
  • More products to upload. Never did solve the ‘Out of stock’ in supplier file problems, so going to list unstable stock as an example with ‘contact us’. Least that way people can find out what we can get hold of and have us as an option.
  • More System designs… With bundles!. and some optional extras..
  • More blogging!
  • It’s annoying yes, but there’s AdSense on the site. Considering the site gets very low traffic at the moment, it’s a little help for me to keep going, Coffee isn’t cheap and sales are very low still. As an indicator of how little it brings it.. It’ll buy a jar of Dougwe Eggberts. That’s after 2 years.. No idea how people make 100’s on it.
  • New cards and leaflets for local shops to display, get business up a bit more.
  • Set up a new ‘Offer’ for start-up offices. 3 PC’s + office fit out for a nice price, Work in power efficiency methods and everything they need for year 1.
  • Internal test web server for CRM development and special projects
  • Ready to go deployment kits for client websites, training books.. Not easy when new versions come flying month after month.
  • Upgrade to Fibre Broadband, Hopefully this will see some review, guides and gaming videos from me..


Oh and since its St Georges day, Might get a group together on Guild Wars to and try to take this guy out:

Arah Story! Arah Story! .. we hear everyday.. might finally get our Guardian to shush about it..

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Busy busy busy

Been a busy few weeks here, and seems to be getting busier.

We have 2 urgent tasks to finish for clients, one being a website refresh, the other being an Add on. One of which needs to be done before the 10th March, the module needs to have basic functionality by the end of month. Both have their random quirks, the modules quirks however aren’t as helpful or fun.. That’d be why it’s not highest priority

Also we appreciate the increase in customers and the word of mouth generation, Much thanks to our customers and I hope to keep on impressing you with this workload.

I will be doing a course to brush up on a few skills over the next few weeks so, shall we call it a little holiday for me? (really it isn’t and I’m likely to get more stressed etc..) Definitely want the most high priority work done before that.

Other changes; 

Progress on shop inventory system, automated stock might be working soon (complete failure 5 minutes ago on a test). At the moment it’s not checking for out of stock/discontinued or removed from supplier lists.. Currently a brain ache that one and a complete pain if left out.


Had a few ideas for my own logo, looks a little horrible and drab at the moment.. I like things sharp, clean and a tiny bit of colour.. So hoping after my worse-than-normal-days holiday type thing I’ll be able to draw some up.

Sanity wise

I’ve tried to tidy up my desk too, too much paperwork litters it, odd bits like hard drive parts. Small tools I’ve needed the past week which have no holder or pack to go in. Cables for odd jobs what need somewhere to live..

Really want to make a push on that before I end up buying more notepads to write more stuff on as they come in.

Quick edit.. 

Why the hell do I have 12 rolls of sellotape?! I never use the stuff!

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We’re getting there!

Funnily enough, I used to be a perfectionist.. Struggled for hours to get something to look right, feel right and more importantly than looks.. Work right.

What happen to old me? Well, put in time constraints, other people taking their time and enforcing their own views and quirks.. That’s the recipe to make me say ‘screw it!’

Last few days recovering from coughs and the usual madness of trying to get some help to push my plans along (looks like that’s quite accessible isn’t it, government?..).

I decided its time to start working on what I said I want working. Finally I’ve started getting things rolling again in that regard, today alone has been quite successful after researching some functions (get_post_meta) and how they work within WordPress.. I almost feel confident enough to explain how it works and how to make posts look really organized and useful.

Also some improvements to site layout, speed and other functions coming over this weekend.. (Hint: Social commenting works now too, no messing around with accounts to leave a comment..)


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Quick update

Just a quickly typed update for anyone wondering ‘why the hell hasn’t he added anything new? Lazy bugger!..’ Ahem..

I’ve Actually been trying to keep up with everything going on and seeing how to automate most of my life.

I’m considering getting a VPS type system where I can build, test and host clients new websites directly from our services (rather than buying a slot or hosting account and setting it all up that way..). Currently the costs are mad, but looking at long time and the way this site works, it may pay to be on a bit of a bigger server.

Spotted this article this morning, Thinking of ordering spare Anti Virus boxes and setting up an instance license with some of the tools I’ve been testing.

UK National Health Service Site Hacked, Then Served Malware

Yes, Slightly worrying that an essential information site is like that. Makes you wonder how much more terrible holes the multi million £ revamped sites have had.. like Monst*cough*seekers direct..

What else was there.. Oh yes.. Thanks to BT suddenly deciding to get ready for a roll-out through town, Littleport’s few-yearly game of road work dodging is under way!

Bonus marks for blocking the remaining lane if you wanted to pop into the shop..

Seriously though, this round should be done by beginning of March and should see Fibre deployed soon after, which might open up more things to think about..

Anyway, until next time!

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January Blues

No thanks!
No thanks!


Well, its January now.. And not much happening as everyone’s waiting for word of snow to mess up their plans.

Speaking of plans! Here’s what we’re up to:

  • Updating and checking all 1200 products from suppliers onto our web shop, appears that there’s a few fields what can’t be updated by upload and random products missed from file. (Joy!)
  • Designing new systems, a value based Mini ITX, mid range business and Power System.
  • Working on increasing traffic and site exposure.
  • Looking into possible VPS or dedicated server for our website, and other projects.
  • Trying to increase confidence, blog posts, and cross network posting.
  • Advising on a few more websites, design and builds.

We hope January turns out to be busy, we gained a good deal more customers in the last few months and hopefully push us to our next milestone.

Continuing to support our clients, and provide support to the local area, down to dropping everything and running to their problems over the past few weeks.

With all this, it’s taking me at least 3-4 days to write a blog post, or article, again to verify information, check spelling etc. This makes me worry that I’m doing far too much. Oh and the non stop coughing seriously doesn’t help!




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What are you doing now DeaJae?

Just a quick post to say we are getting ready for Christmas! Only 13 more sleeps (or 6-8 if my sleeping patterns aren’t sorting itself out..)

What are we up to over Christmas?

  • Designing new systems and products.
  • Experimenting with blog posts, a nice report on bitcoin/litecoin coming up.
  • Some reviews!
  • Development server now functioning again, 1st task is to fix social commenting login (and get it working with checkout)
  • Some themes (and making seasonal variations)
  • Getting a decent shop module working on this site.. I like jigoshop’s product layout, but love WP Ecommerce’s functions.. Only one way to settle this.. FIGHT!
  • Plenty more.. I’m sure of it.
  • Yes! simpler product updates/additions.. I currently have a list for 1600 items to check and see if its worth listing.
  • There’s definitely more which I’ll look at when I remember them..

No sale again this year as we can not guarantee stock levels or prices. And I think our last order date is the 18th/20th from supplier. So not long if you wanted new parts for Christmas.

So anyway, That’s hopefully our run up to the holiday.. If not then working from home has an advantage :/