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January Blues

No thanks!
No thanks!


Well, its January now.. And not much happening as everyone’s waiting for word of snow to mess up their plans.

Speaking of plans! Here’s what we’re up to:

  • Updating and checking all 1200 products from suppliers onto our web shop, appears that there’s a few fields what can’t be updated by upload and random products missed from file. (Joy!)
  • Designing new systems, a value based Mini ITX, mid range business and Power System.
  • Working on increasing traffic and site exposure.
  • Looking into possible VPS or dedicated server for our website, and other projects.
  • Trying to increase confidence, blog posts, and cross network posting.
  • Advising on a few more websites, design and builds.

We hope January turns out to be busy, we gained a good deal more customers in the last few months and hopefully push us to our next milestone.

Continuing to support our clients, and provide support to the local area, down to dropping everything and running to their problems over the past few weeks.

With all this, it’s taking me at least 3-4 days to write a blog post, or article, again to verify information, check spelling etc. This makes me worry that I’m doing far too much. Oh and the non stop coughing seriously doesn’t help!




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What are you doing now DeaJae?

Just a quick post to say we are getting ready for Christmas! Only 13 more sleeps (or 6-8 if my sleeping patterns aren’t sorting itself out..)

What are we up to over Christmas?

  • Designing new systems and products.
  • Experimenting with blog posts, a nice report on bitcoin/litecoin coming up.
  • Some reviews!
  • Development server now functioning again, 1st task is to fix social commenting login (and get it working with checkout)
  • Some themes (and making seasonal variations)
  • Getting a decent shop module working on this site.. I like jigoshop’s product layout, but love WP Ecommerce’s functions.. Only one way to settle this.. FIGHT!
  • Plenty more.. I’m sure of it.
  • Yes! simpler product updates/additions.. I currently have a list for 1600 items to check and see if its worth listing.
  • There’s definitely more which I’ll look at when I remember them..

No sale again this year as we can not guarantee stock levels or prices. And I think our last order date is the 18th/20th from supplier. So not long if you wanted new parts for Christmas.

So anyway, That’s hopefully our run up to the holiday.. If not then working from home has an advantage :/

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Currently working on…

Just a brief post to show we are still alive.. somehow.. Anyway, What we are currently working on, lots of figure out and get working.

Currently working on getting my head around this Prototype module for forums – trying to build a Social media signature handler/system for forums and WP author bio pages. Possibly using the user profile system in WP/Gravatar to output social media tags/icons with links into HTML. Might be possible with a XML based.. Anyway we still working on it. Still not sure about having it account or plugin based.

Currently working on Improving database queries for small transactions of data, our sites slowing down with the test sites and module testing. Also .htaccess modifications less loading resources on each page.

Currently working on Months worth of content, posts and guides, Its going to be a busy Christmas to write all these up, thankfully I can schedule stuff to go out.

Planned; EBAY templates, working on these again to start selling items. Not that i want the hassle of ebay after the way it treats its smaller sellers.

Currently working on Business Plan? still?! focusing the rest of my processes and aims.

Lots of little things, new baseline WP themes ready for just deploying with social built-in etc..

We are also mocking up some systems to boost our shop’s range a bit, built to order examples and some way of automatically updating products/stock levels from supplier.

As well as mock-ups of themes and templates for seasonal stuff.


Busy bee’s!

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Google+ Custom URLs go live



Google has now allowed anyone without a silly amount of followers (or stalkers for next part..) or Celebrity to have their own URL.

From now on, When its rolled out and working across the board, you can have instead of /u/19393939350982592 .. Much easier!

Google is still determining eligibility to names, once its rolled to your account you’ll see a Blue notification box saying ‘We’ve pre-reserved this one for you’ with an example.

The first choice for me was Horrendous.. Being First name Nickname then last name.. But a simpler suggestion came a bit later.

To get yours, just go to your Google+ Page and you should notice  a blue notification box waiting on your cover image. That will explain what you need to do next.

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3Doodler freestyle 3D Printing Pen

How Cool is this new gadget from 3Doodler?

Spotted this early this year on KickStarter and would have went with a perk if I had some spare cash, now its closer to reality I wish I did!

What is it? Well, Do you ever draw or write stuff down to make to replace or improve a device or part? I often do and never get around to it. With this I can draw that Grill housing for the Clients PC case on site, ‘Draw’ in that little airflow spoiling hole, Even make a hook for cables!

All without dragging a heat gun, lumps of plastic and cutting tools around with me! Bonus.

It even cools so fast that you can build some models straight upwards. Have a look what the testers have made!

To check out what else it does, see here!

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Almost back on track!

Almost ready to dash out and fix things for people again!

Recently, owing to more money outgoing than incoming on personal side of things (and the concern of how long the place will stay standing!), I’ve had to move out from Grange Lane. It was all very chaotic and annoying but hopefully will allow us to have more time for customers.

A drawback to this is that most work will have to be done at Customers, some people aren’t going to be happy with this. Until I can work something out, it’s going to have to happen.

I also hope this is going to be less stressful for me, if you have used our service you might have noticed I’m under confident and quite erratic/all over the place when talking or explaining solutions. With less stress I am hoping this will change!

Over the next few days (after all the paperwork etc..) We hope to be updating the site with more articles, regular blog posts. I also have a few reviews to write-up and projects to talk about.

Again, Thanks for visiting our site and your support, and I’m very sorry that all this happened.