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Redesign / rebuild Website

Redesign / Rebuild of Client Website

A Client of ours asked us to build a simpler version of their website designed from many years ago. Investigating the back-end system even we were confused by its structure and system, and found its base not developed since 2007.

Touching upon the current site design, we managed to add some parts to WordPress’s default Twenty Twelve template to almost look the same. This was our first step into WordPress’s coding and template modifications and set us on the path to our own redesign!

Other aims of the redesign was to make it a lot easier for the client to update their own website, improve interest via social media, and if business improved; have a dedicated person constantly keeping things moving with their project updates and client interaction.

Unfortunately as their old site automatically renewed itself, we held off from launching the new version while we look through paperwork for Domain name and cancelling their current contract.

One of our aims of service is to save our clients money. This client was paying around £300 a year for their site, their new one will cost much, much less once it on it own hosting and running, with cloud based or simple hosting, we estimate around £30-£40 per year with management and content creation.

To see what we can do for your tired looking site, or general advice to add functionality to it;  Contact us