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Christmas 2019

We’re looking at closing for Christmas around the 23rd (Monday) and coming back around the 6th of January.
Lots to get on with during the break, we’re on the lookout for a decent Accounting package what doesn’t run in fear of Open Banking Regulations or API.

After Christmas, I want to get back to selling products, after being ill a huge amount of time and age catching up. I need to cut down on stress and travelling against the fenland weather. The migraines ramping up and started to cause other things too (weird nerve responses, may have to stop doing delicate/small repairs altogether).

Here’s some tech tips to help you survive Christmas;

  • New PC/Laptop? Create an image of the system or a system boot disc to a USB stick. It’ll save a lot of effort if things go a bit odd.
  • Windows 10 has a builtin malware/virus scanner, though not as good as stuff like MalwareBytes it’s less resource hogging than McAfee or Symantec’s bundled stuff.
  • Enable Onedrive for Ransomware protection too!
  • If you are switching between Windows or Android phone this year, a Gmail or account with synchronised contacts should sort your transfer out. When I tried this for a family member, Bluetooth transfer worked better (windows to Android).
  • Have your rechargeable batteries ready.
  • Read instructions carefully, especially on Windows 10 first setup.

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