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Manage your contact lists

Making contact lists is easy, using a variety of programs will manage them with ease.

A good example of contact lists is a manageable Christmas Card mailing list!

Best place to start if you’ve never used Mail Merge or want something built quick: Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge Wizard. Not only will it help explain the process, it’ll start off a recipients database for you to add to later. This will give you an easy way to print addresses directly to envelopes, letters or label sheets.

contact lists, mail merge¬†Clicking ‘Start Mail merge wizard’ will display prompts on the right hand side of the screen to follow. If you have a database or list of names to add in a document, you can load it with ‘use an existing list’ and select the data inside the wizard.

If you are starting a new contact list, when the wizard asks for source data, click ‘type a new list’ and ‘create’. This creates a preset database (which we can create a form for later) in ‘user/documents/data sources’. You can directly add information under the columns in the next dialogue.

Future proofing

You can add an input form to the access (.mdb) file by opening it in Access and using the form wizard. This will allow you to add new addresses to the contact lists quickly and distraction free.


  • If you are using Continuous feed or dedicated label printers, page orientation might be wrong. You will either need to create a custom copy of the label, or change the text direction on each label merged (Word 2013 on wards hides this feature).
  • Google Sheets has something similar which can allow you to use a web-based to input details, or have people sign up to your contact list their-selves.
  • Add additional fields in your database by opening in Access and editing the table design.