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Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler

Ordered one of these as it seemed to rate quite good benchmarks. After a much required system upgrade I felt some extra CPU cooling was needed, I was looking at a proven mid range solution, but not too expensive.

The Performance to cost ratios on most of the benchmarks I saw was quite good, Customer reviews on many sites praised this cooler too.

First Look

On first peek on arrival, you are greeted by a big box what shows off the cooler and informs you of what sockets it supports and detailed information on the side, along with descriptions and sizing of component parts. This is a very good thing, but did make me start to wonder if it’ll fit most of the mid/low-budget ATX cases out there.

The tip of the heat-sink, by my calculations is 15.8cm from base to tips; Most cases are around 17.5 to 20cm wide. take a few centimetres for motherboard and back plate clearance, is a bit close to the side panel if fitted.

This may be good, as it’s a barrier to direct air through the heat-sink and not above it or around it.

What you get with it

  • Universal mounting plate to go on your motherboard (removal of existing backing plate/ Heatsink mounting may be needed.)
  • Nuts bolts and screws for various socket types. Not to worry, it’s simplified down to 2 sets.
  • Nut adapter for regular screwdrivers
  • Universal clamping attachment (read the diagram carefully and get alignment right, tension is important!)
  • A small tube of Thermal paste.


The instruction manual tells you how to fit for Intel and AMD boards, with a slight variation between. A well thought out and versatile system. Ideal for system builders to order a few of these at a time and cover any type of system they need to be installed in.

Personally had trouble keeping the plate aligned with the nuts, had to put one on a little way before the next and then tighten them all diagonally, initial fitting was awkward. Also a worry about ruining the threads but turn out okay, not like I’m going to be removing it again anyway.


I run an AMD FX 6300k as my gaming rig, using the stock cooler I get between 38 (idle) and 58 degrees Celsius in Guild Wars 2. I’d like that to be lower so this is what I’ll be testing on.

Pre install stats:

AMD FX6300k stock fan temps


Post install temps (after running Guild Wars 2 and some particulars from the latest steam sale..) Note: this was around 11pm on a mild Winters night, I’ll try and average something out later on, possibly a summer catchup or more machine configurations tested when built.

post install Hyper212 AMD FX6300k

11.5 degrees Celsius seems a dream doesn’t it? Didn’t believe it myself so I pushed it a little more with some intensive CPU tests. The greatest I could get under full load was around 28-30 , still lower than the stocks idle temperature. And back down to a cool 16-20 by the time I made my coffee? Now that’s good.


I’m overly impressed. Massive difference between CoolerMaster’s solution and Stock Heatsink/Fans.

A big heat reduction overall makes happy gamers, and we’ll be adding this as an option on our custom systems and upgrades. For around £24-30, and its compatibility with sockets, this makes the Hyper 212 Evo a good deal.

Wonder if they can work their magic with video cards too?


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