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Currently working on…

Just a brief post to show we are still alive.. somehow.. Anyway, What we are currently working on, lots of figure out and get working.

Currently working on getting my head around this Prototype module for forums – trying to build a Social media signature handler/system for forums and WP author bio pages. Possibly using the user profile system in WP/Gravatar to output social media tags/icons with links into HTML. Might be possible with a XML based.. Anyway we still working on it. Still not sure about having it account or plugin based.

Currently working on Improving database queries for small transactions of data, our sites slowing down with the test sites and module testing. Also .htaccess modifications less loading resources on each page.

Currently working on Months worth of content, posts and guides, Its going to be a busy Christmas to write all these up, thankfully I can schedule stuff to go out.

Planned; EBAY templates, working on these again to start selling items. Not that i want the hassle of ebay after the way it treats its smaller sellers.

Currently working on Business Plan? still?! focusing the rest of my processes and aims.

Lots of little things, new baseline WP themes ready for just deploying with social built-in etc..

We are also mocking up some systems to boost our shop’s range a bit, built to order examples and some way of automatically updating products/stock levels from supplier.

As well as mock-ups of themes and templates for seasonal stuff.


Busy bee’s!


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