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December news, and new year stuff

The rustling of tinsel can be heard, pictures all over twitter of people decorating their office point to that time of year again. It’s December! that means it’s Lemsip addiction month Christmas!

Doesn’t seem that long ago when we wrote 2015’s Christmas post, this year’s flown by with the projects and call outs.

Anyway, We’re looking at closing for Christmas on the 21st of December with a return on the 4thof January. As usual, our first week back likely will be paperwork catch up.

The shop section of the site might disappear after Christmas, it’s getting difficult to maintain with no sales at all from it. Might revamp it to act as a gateway to other vendors, and automatically push orders via API if that’s possible. Which will allow me more time to style the site, enjoy a coffee properly and stay on time with things.

Our blog posts have gone slightly weird. I’ve written lots of posts which don’t get published, either I’ve felt they’ve gone on too long and don’t have a point. Or they sound negative (a bit like this section) and gets deleted.


Anyhoo, we’ve got a bit to get on with before Christmas. Have a good one all.


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