Posted on, A fancy tool from Office Online was possibly released a while ago, but only just noticed this week by us. is much like Sway (another stealth product from Microsoft we wanted to cover), it’s free to use and we plan on using it to spice up our blog posts. Not only can you post your powerpoint style sway’s to it, you can put up pictures in collections (using Onedrive to help organize things), documents such as guides and portfolios.

You can also build and customize an About page to act as an Online CV, though you’d want to leave off information to stop identity theft.

A fair chunk of Office is free to use Online, For example, simple basic versions of Excel, Word. Onenote is another mobile based component allowing us to write quick notes for blog ideas when we’re out and about.

For an example of the journal system in showing a Sway post.


Looks good and works nicely? Yes, we thought it was odd too. Try it out at
Try it out at Sway