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end of 2021

low angle photo of fireworks

Well, the end of 2021 went so fast. all I can say is good riddance to it. From Chip shortages and tech scalpers to Pandemic restrictions, it’s been a pretty crap year. Interestingly spent most of the year thinking it’s still 2020.
Let’s recap what 2022 will start with.

Chip Storages

Semiconductor shortages are expected to continue while new factories are built, so computer parts and other tech are delayed still. So not much going to be available.

Better Broadband?

Possibly, BT is testing areas where they have completely retired copper lines and gone pure fibre connections with Digitial phone numbers. Issues there with power cuts as there’s no power coming down the line to power a wired handset.
Likely that the Fibre cost per month of £45 is going to be standard after this, but there is hope that if Internet Acess is required for Education or work that there will be a ‘National Requirement’ of a lower-priced or subsided connection.

Our likely aims for this year

Hopefully, sell more products (if we can get supplies of them!), more web design templates too. Just need the motivation to keep writing posts like this a lot more often for activity!
Maybe not stressing about everything will fix that too.

Anyway, I wish you a better year than the previous two.


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