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Excel, Access tips and tricks introduction

For years I’ve worked with Excel creating complex looking sheets what makes work simple, from basic finance tracking to product code lookup and pricing, and looking at making basic guides for the people who ‘hate excel’ enough to not use it to any advantage to quickly pick up on.

Same goes for Access, it’s very useful if you actually use it. Though in Form management, queries, reports and mail merge directly to Word.. The ideas start flowing. For example a contact list can be built in Access, a form view will allow details to be input quickly, a query will find relatives, a mail merge will print your Christmas card envelope labels.

I’m going to try to do a post every two weeks with examples of Excel and Access applications and explain how it works and what use it can be.

A fair chunk of these formulas will also work with Google Sheets which will also allow you to create more online based apps, forms and web apps.

Keep a lookout for the tutorials on these, planning some fancy interaction tricks to show them off.

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