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Fibre roll-out prep talk for Littleport

Fibre’s Here! the cabinets are in, the wires live! the stickers are on the boxes confirming it… The ISP’s are clueless ¬†and waiting for BT to give them the prices.. But do we know what we need?

We’ve waited years for it, the businesses needed it, and the councils lured potential installers with a big pot of money. Was it worth it? We shall see.But what do we need to do to get fibre installed? Luckily enough I’ve looked through most major ISP’s sites to try to condense the information down to manageable levels… I hope. Comment below if you’re not sure.

First of all, We’ll need to check that the ISP’s are aware of the status of the exchange.. So far in my tests BT’s web reports we can have fibre via line check, Plusnet’s checker seems broken and a few more seem to think only ADSL (basic broadband) is available.

What does it need after ordering?

Well, your ADSL router isn’t going to cut it. You may be able to use it as an Access Point after install.

Your ISP will recommend the details, but you will need:

  1. BT Openreach fibre modem (just like the old NTL/Virgin media days..)
  2. Engineer visit (they’ll likely bring the equipment)
  3. ISP wireless router, they insist on their model for support purposes.
  4. Around 4 hours of downtime.

Assess where you want the equipment before engineer turns up. You will require access to BT master socket, Engineer may move this for you if it’s in an inconvenient place. You will also need 2 power sockets at least (modem and access point/router).

We’ll be ordering very soon to get the feel and experience the install. And using it to support our customers and offer advice/fitting of additional equipment.

To check when your area is getting it: Click here

Plusnet’s simplified explanation page: Click here


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