Floods, An outsiders perspective..



It’s pretty bad out there, can’t imagine what these people feel.. And I feel pretty bad for saying we should learn from every flood, Its bound to happen again and again.

To be honest, I was pretty shocked that no one in charge of the Defence/Environment agencies took notice until the Thames burst, or at least, the media implies. From what I understand its been bad many weeks before that.

My other shock is that we still use sandbags, Why use something what soaks up horrible water and pose a health risk when it starts to dry  up?

Thankfully, there’s a good amount of support getting out there. Homes, Communities and Farms  will be given money to help repair and defend, affected businesses are being sent some key equipment thanks to Enterprise Nation‘s efforts.

Why would I be writing about this? Well, we’re close to Welney and the Bedford Levels. They seem to flood due to Tidal seasons whatever happens. Bedford Levels seem to flood every few years or so, but not badly. Most of Welney is already designated wet lands and doesn’t have any housing near the flood areas, but its what’s going to happen soon in the area what concerns me.

Some of Cambridge was flooded last few weeks too, the fields around Waterbeach is another unexpected flood area too. A few days ago spotted that plans were being made to build on the flooded fields.. Now I could be lacking faith the development could work out a way to keep it safe, or make the land drain efficiently.. In most cases I’m usually right.

Anyway, main thing I’m trying to get at is that maybe this is something we should all plan and prepare for? How much damage to your equipment can this cause? Maybe that nice high server cabinet was a good buy ages ago..

Would you know where to go or who to call for emergency flood defence? What types are available? Long term effects? For example the concerns over Sandbag hygiene, being able to move builders sacks full of soil. What do we do with the water? Collect, treat and use for crops?

There is planning advice on the Environment Agency’s site, ideas and products for defence on Floodsense

Being a tactical, technical person.. I’d be looking at garden walls, street layouts and probably think up a quick way to make a tidal barricade. But that’s more of a community defence plan I guess.

I probably should point out that the point of this article is to get people who aren’t affected by events like this, to think about what if’s and what can we do’s. 

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