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Future Friday: Growing Underground

An interesting idea of using spare underground space for efficient farming.

We came across Growing Underground when researching another topic.. It was either what to do with excess server heat, or something for dinner..

Based somewhere in South West London this start-up has turned an old unused London Underground tunnel into a controlled environment growing area using Hydroponics.

This is a great way of showing off what can be done with an efficient farming, in a small area.

Another thought what came to me when looking at their site (apart from their example recipes look nice..) was that the UK is littered with abandoned bunkers and observation posts sat idle and not doing anything.. The few around here are set into fields already and close to rivers and edge of town. Add some security, automation and soil monitoring and you got a fully operational localized weather and crop monitoring station.

With small, enclosed set-ups like Growing Underground, this could be the start of a more localized food source all year round.


This isn’t a computer related thing!’

Well, no it isn’t.. But its a sign of things to come and Computer assistance can be integrated to automate some tasks.

The point of these little Friday articles is to present some ideas and features what may come down the line later in life.. If this inspires more people to grow their own food in newly researched or proven/efficient way.. Then its a start.




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