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Future Friday – Skully AR-1 digital Helmet

Not so much of a future insight as it’s almost available, but will this HUD motorcycle helmet become the standard?

Being a Motorcyclist myself, there’s often times when I’ve stopped to check the map I printed out, or check my watch and generally wonder if I’m in the right place.. (Don’t ever mention Mildenhall..)

Spotted this helmet on a few articles from other technical sites, though it’s an impressive range of features, I feel it could be information overload while riding. Something which could be got used to, but at over $1000 per helmet… I’m not even going to try yet.

Rear view camera, map/navigation integration, connectivity to phone (for GPS/mapping) all useful features to have. By the time it gets over here, maybe it’ll come with lasers as standard probably the most useful addition if you have to use the A14 daily.

Check out their project pages:

Kickstarter page

Skully Systems


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