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Getting on with 2017

It’s not been a great start, content writing blocks, disasters, weather, and general unhappiness all over. Time for a kick up the bum and getting on with 2017.

Before Captain Distracto interferes, best quickly update on what’s happening!

  • Ryzen has finally been launched, AMD may have finally caught up with Intel’s CPU performance with more competitive pricing. While we have some basic prices and benchmarks for the CPUs we have no information on AM4 boards for them yet. Estimating that will be next month.
  • As expected, Intel price cuts of same range (to Ryzen) processors to appear very soon.
  • More projects coming up, mostly coding. One in concept and not interesting at the moment to explain more. Few clients redesign and updated to modern standards such as SSL/HTTPS to do.
  • Re-organization. Site links need remapping and e-commerce experience still feels lacking.
  • A return to eBay for selling parts/stock? I was pretty annoyed with previous experiences with eBay, and don’t feel like returning to it.
  • A focus on selling parts/devices rather than services, with numerous headaches and call outs getting further and more time consuming, it’s not working out.



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