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We’re getting there!

Funnily enough, I used to be a perfectionist.. Struggled for hours to get something to look right, feel right and more importantly than looks.. Work right.

What happen to old me? Well, put in time constraints, other people taking their time and enforcing their own views and quirks.. That’s the recipe to make me say ‘screw it!’

Last few days recovering from coughs and the usual madness of trying to get some help to push my plans along (looks like that’s quite accessible isn’t it, government?..).

I decided its time to start working on what I said I want working. Finally I’ve started getting things rolling again in that regard, today alone has been quite successful after researching some functions (get_post_meta) and how they work within WordPress.. I almost feel confident enough to explain how it works and how to make posts look really organized and useful.

Also some improvements to site layout, speed and other functions coming over this weekend.. (Hint: Social commenting works now too, no messing around with accounts to leave a comment..)



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