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Its not going too quick is it?

Well, this is annoying.

For several day’s I’ve booted up the computer, logged in to write some stuff, I’ve even made the article titles and started some images to go on them.. And then BAM! its like my coffee cup has been emptied from Time and Space..

I need to work out what I want, need to do. Get rid of the annoying stuff like the old house and its problems.

Where do I want to take Littleport IT Services? ¬†Ideally i’d like it to not only support me (which it isn’t), but to create something in this town for the community around Littleport, Ely and beyond!

When this new Eco business park is finally built (it’s still a field at the moment, but there are flyers advertising units as available..), the hope is to have a small unit for drop in repairs and servicing, training, and more if business picks up.

I’d also like it to be a focal point online for reviews, opinions on technology, news on software and hardware.. But I can’t keep up at the moment. If Visitors and some ad-sense revenue generation comes in that way I’d push it more.

On a good note, I think I got all the bugs sorted! so just some polishing of content, finishing off pages and we’ll be fully up and running (until the next plugin update waves or maintenance release..)


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