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Good start to the year

February almost over, and a small break of a few, cold days allowed us to get buried in code again..

It’s a fairly hectic few months, with determination to crack on with a few personal projects as well as supporting our customers. January went very well for us, apart from we got no Christmas rest.

Work still continues on the much thought about ‘Computer Builder’, We’ve had a massive push at various methods and learnt some ways how not to do it. One method resulted in another ‘bundle from stock’ type of product type for the store so we are looking at making that into a plugin for other store owners. Basically shows you what products (from inventory, with full links etc..) are in the product bundle, selected from the back-end.

Our Visual Computer builder plugin is almost ready for release, our development version is up on Github!¬†However, this is more suited to building a picnic basket than a computer, it’s just too much choice on the screen at once.

Automated product updater will be taking longer, our current server is missing a crucial part for this to work.. namely the service what automated tasks run off.. (Hence why none of our scheduled posts fire..).

Pages need refreshing, and our social media presence needs a bit of a boost with activity, we’ll get right on that when coding starts working!

We have some new brands from supplier and some promotion to do!

Keep Out! is new brand and will soon have products the shop, mainly for gamers with various accessories.

The Cougar range is expanding with a pre-designed system coming soon. Always liked Cougar’s cases for the room and the full specifications they publish.

Many articles to update (Thanks BT for changing fibre roll-outs and adding more complications..) and to come, some Woocommerce/WordPress tutorials for people who use it or develop with it.



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