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Guess its Summer now

With the onslaught of the giant ball of nuclear energy bearing down on us, it seems Summer has started

With the hot weather, some house cleaning is in order for your PC. Clear those vents of dust and check your air flows! Adding packs of tissues to call out bag as hay fever is ramping up.

This month we’ll be rolling out the new server for the website, a proper VPS (expensive) from now on (well, end of June?). As well as testing some SEO updating, import tools and Page builder plugins. The page builder plugins will hopefully add some style to our posts and pages. The shop part isn’t performing well at all, and suspect server stability and pseudo SSL could be the reason.

Hopefully, this will roll out soon, but as one project completes, more things crop up that day.

Need to start thinking about a holiday, not had a proper one for over 15 years. Perhaps getting to drive first and then escaping for a few days away would be more affordable than escaping the snow/overpowered sun.