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Into 2016

Jumping into 2016

After Christmas, 2016 seems quiet. Few leftover projects to finish off are slowly getting chipped away at.

On the cards for 2016:

  • Revamp main pages of site, add some automated functions like seasonal sliders in.
  • Finish System Builder plugin (technical parts are 80% done, tidy up code and visuals to go), work out if we can market it, or release it and hope for donations.
  • Review what services we offer via freelance sites, some of the stuff I’ve been asked to quote for are just absurd for the low budgets.
  • More guides for Excel, Access and the like.
  • Shorter blog posts, and them actually being pushed to Facebook, Twitter and the rest… with less arguments! Hopefully a 10 minute write-up for a news/update post, add 15 minutes to find a decent image and sort out meta’s. Ironic as this one has taken weeks to perfect..
  • Looking at using eBay again for in stock products, running out of space to keep parts for 6 months.

Still a fair bit to do on the back-end of site, along with more blog posts to make sure I’m still alive. Coffee should see me though that!