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So I’ve had an idea..

One of them days, head in the clouds, hands on keyboard waiting for response.

Inspiration comes from the oddest of places, this one comes from finding my boxes of books from the move.. I don’t have time to read them again, there’s some I have for reference but really I don’t want to read them again!

So if I could flick to the useful bits like an indexed card system, that’d be more useful on my tablet..

(*Brain readies the gong*)

Then I spotted the cookery books I used to use, the old blueprints for items I was going to make for projects..

(*brain strikes the gong*).

So the next project has been thought up, with a few useful side thoughts and possibly a subscription based model to allow imports of PDF/ebooks, and brochure style application for showing portfolio’s or products offsite.

I think it could take off if I can get it done right.. Now to learn how to code Android/iOS apps.. :/


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