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January Blues

No thanks!
No thanks!


Well, its January now.. And not much happening as everyone’s waiting for word of snow to mess up their plans.

Speaking of plans! Here’s what we’re up to:

  • Updating and checking all 1200 products from suppliers onto our web shop, appears that there’s a few fields what can’t be updated by upload and random products missed from file. (Joy!)
  • Designing new systems, a value based Mini ITX, mid range business and Power System.
  • Working on increasing traffic and site exposure.
  • Looking into possible VPS or dedicated server for our website, and other projects.
  • Trying to increase confidence, blog posts, and cross network posting.
  • Advising on a few more websites, design and builds.

We hope January turns out to be busy, we gained a good deal more customers in the last few months and hopefully push us to our next milestone.

Continuing to support our clients, and provide support to the local area, down to dropping everything and running to their problems over the past few weeks.

With all this, it’s taking me at least 3-4 days to write a blog post, or article, again to verify information, check spelling etc. This makes me worry that I’m doing far too much. Oh and the non stop coughing seriously doesn’t help!





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