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Lockdown Lunacy

This lockdown lunacy is getting silly, but hopefully end is in sight.

Migraine increase partly due to stress. Stress due to lack of income, no motivation due to stress, possibility of getting passive income via blogging/streaming if motivated. ugh.

Need to look at passive income, the local repair and sales aren’t really enough to keep motivated over.
1 week someone will want a cable, then nothing for 3 weeks so I fit in some coding. Something crops up at a crucial testing/progress day and that’s that project forgotten about for a few days.

Current Events;

Thanks to the pandemic causing issues with supply chains and movement, along with the poor handling of said crisis. Our ability to get out and sort problems have been pretty much torpedo’ed.

Of all the humour of how much people are laying into Government, its weird to be pulled back and reminded this is all happening, and there’s bugger all we can do about it.
Anyhow.. Here’s whats happening IT wise.

  • Prices going up on stuff like memory, Processors. Lack of supply and safe working distances are going to make this an issue until at least October.
  • Deliveries of goods, while contactless delivery can be arranged. Insurance won’t cover it, so distributors won’t do it.

As for us, I’ve looked at remote support. There is virtually (no pun intended) no way I can charge for it. onsite/workshop repairs are going to be weird until End of June. I’m still suffering from stuff from before this crisis to hit the ground running.
We are also looking at standardising, possibly increasing the prices of some of our services.
I also wanted to redo the site with a fresh design and content, but with my motivation and everything else falling apart it hasn’t really happened.

Anyway, we’re not over it all yet. So stay safe, and don’t click any dodgy stuff.