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Missed the simple solution..

For ages I’ve been battling the issue of products on this site not easily removed when they aren’t on the supplier list.. I’ve tried all sorts of code and functions on the development site to cross check and remove data, with no success…

Upon talking to someone who doesn’t care much for technology, who’s recently trying to use a new laptop to keep in contact with distant relatives.. it simply came as a new approach..

“When I break a blade, I put a new one on , throw the old one. I buy a new one when the blade looks rough..”

‘And it works out there’s a regular amount of time they last?’


*Brain says* DeaJae, You twit! He’s just solved it!

“same as milk.. It expires. You buy a new bottle”

*Brain says* Told you so..

Product Expiry could be the answer.. lets say 14 days with automated removal, if the products still on the list it’ll be re-added quickly. Seems it can be done with basic testing completed on the Development server, however it relies on CRON, for timed execution.. which is another thing I’m working on getting working.

This means items which aren’t available will be removed automatically, and if I can get the rest working, automatically added or updated when the stock update is ran. This also means I have to somehow get the automated process to check if the product image already exists.. and some content issues when it does update / replace..  Another job for another day.


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