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Mobile Optimization… yay?

Everything the last few weeks have been going on about how your site looks on mobile will affect how you appear in Google searches…

We were ready, at least until I checked Google’s Mobile readiness in which the preview panel looked a complete mess. Can I trust it? In a word.. No.

Obviously I tested it myself using my own Mobile (ancient HTC Hero.. 6-7 year old with probably a well outdated browser) and Chrome’s Viewport system under development tools (inspect element/Device emulation) and it looked okay apart from the side menu not deciding where to go.

“Okay I can fix that” I thought to myself. Finding the CSS and testing a sneaky Display: none on the element, good. Put it into the files.. Nope!

@media=”all” vs Irate coder with the delete button.

After messing about with the settings and attempting to pinpoint where it was being overwritten, I find the original CSS for the theme is all designating @media=”all” and no other viewports.. I should have spotted that when I was building the site really.

Luckily it’s accepted that our menu part should have an exception for devices under 480px, so mobiles should render less text/scripts as the menu is put into a mobile friendly button at top.  Took a good while to get it to do it though.

Next thing to sort out is how images are defined for mobiles and make sure that’s playing nicely. Oh and fixing the auto poster, prepping for server move and eventual SSL certificates..

Another site we developed just crashes my HTC’s browser out.. I’m hoping its limited to that only else its a lot more work for me there. But that’s a blog post for another day..


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