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A much puzzling scenario..

Thought I’d write about the problem I seem to have with the current store setup, as its providing weeks and weeks of headaches and non functionality.

We run a CSV list from supplier, contains around 1700 items, some we can sell directly on. Some OEM stuff we don’t want listed, and some titles description I’m not entirely happy with.

Importing them isn’t the problem now I’ve set custom fields for odd bits of data.. Keeping the current items up-to date is.

For example, a Product no longer stocked by supplier isn’t on the list. So the item doesn’t get updated on shop, Appears in stock when it isn’t even listed on suppliers site, Imagine how much stress that causes you when you order something, then think about me trying to work it all out.

What I’ve already thought of:

  • Export shop list to CSV and run VLOOKUPS on both. Difficult to set up and keep doing each week or few days.. If this can be automated however…? However I have stock in Office which is different to what’s on lists or discontinued. This worked for Zencart as the fields were easier.
  • Run a side DB to process it then transfer data into correct places. Again, automated would save me a lot of time. Maybe put some FTP grab in place?
  • Do it all by hand, far too time consuming.
  • ICEcat integration? just using manufacturers code? is that possible? Still won’t solve the issue of non listed items.
  • Remove everything and start again every week? Far too time consuming with manual category set-ups.
  • Have products expire? This might work well.. We’ll see if there’s exceptions for in house products.
  • Simplify how products are listed so I can quickly go down the whole list and tick/untick ones off.
  • 3rd party inventory management.. Will probably provide the same issues, with the bonus of being charged for it.

Any ideas from the web?

This sort of explains why things come and go quickly on the site, I’ve been working out a system of what stays in stock and listing that. And odd things what go quickly as a ‘not in stock example’ product.



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