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Why you need a Google+ Local page

A brief explanation on Google+ pages, why you should use one and how to start one.

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Living in a sort of rural area..

Well I don’t know what it is really, surrounded by farmland, miles from anywhere interesting.. More tractors down the main streets than normal traffic…

Anyway I’ve gone off topic! Ahem.. Living In ‘quiet’ area, it’s quite hard to find a quality service or trades-person for particular jobs on-line. Unless you’re clever enough to set-up or have your data managed on Google local, Google+ or other directories, Google will use outdated data results to show users in search.

Luckily its really easy to get your business on it and looking good. Around 3 weeks to get a pin once you’ve set up a Google+ local page and a week to appear in search properly. And to make things easier, giving a business its own Google+ page puts an entry in Google Local, Places and eventually Maps.

Google Local for a business


Having your opening times, Emergency/enquiry numbers/details and address appear in the left side of a Google search is very handy..

As the new Google+ local page I’ve set up for a client shows:

I remember once finding the dog with swollen eyes and cheeks one morning, possibly from sniffing something in the garden.. And remembering there was a new vets in the Village with random opening days. By strange occurrence their website really did not want to work and their contact details or opening times were nowhere else on the web.

So a panic-stricken dog owner (and dog) was worried a bit and could get the service required as this simple thing wasn’t done. And cost that business some money for a consultation.. If they were open!

This is all well and good if the Google+ local page is updated, verified and monitored for problems.

Search for Littleport IT Services and it used to do the same, Thanks to constantly verifying information and Google changing random stuff (the move didn’t help either, nor does the way Google handles on site services now). As our page is stuck in a verification loop, We’re losing business too.

It’s practical if you take 10 minutes to set it up, and verification takes a few weeks for the card to arrive.

Worth it for ease of getting customers? You bet!

How to Do it

If you haven’t got a Google Account (Gmail etc) .. Well you’re going to need one.. Go sort that out if you are serious about following this. So first step is to go to your Google+ page from Gmail or search.. Or login.

Click your Home button at the top, click on Pages at the bottom.

If you had pages, they’ll be on this page as big squares showing an overview. If you are a page Manager, you’ll also see these statistics.

Clicking ‘Create new Page’ will give you a choice of what type of page you want to create. Hover over the images for a quick description.

google local articlegoogle local articlegoogle local article

google local article

Once chosen, the Dashboard system will recommend the next steps. It’s advisable to have a good cover and profile picture.

For businesses; contact details and location.

For all of them you will need to have a little short description of what the page is about, who you are or what you do.

That should be enough to start you off.. And if I’m in need of your contact details urgently with your site down, then I’ll congratulate you  (also tell you your site is not working!).

If this does sound too much, we can hep you set a page up, or on your behalf. Contact us for a quote!





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  1. By The Way the Dog was fine by the evening, managed to find information about it on vet websites, gave her a tiny bit of tea and cuddles.

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