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late november update

A quick(ish) November update. It’s freaking cold. Projects keeping us busy, and there’s lots to do still.

Custom Computer Builder progress

I keep saying that a Custom Computer Builder is coming.. Time goes on and our development always hits a snag, either infrastructure coding or ease of use issues. November see’s a new version started..

So far the Product Builder adaptation is the most advanced version I’ve come up with.. But if you are using it for the first time and don’t know anything about what parts you need, it won’t help. Its far too confusing and there’s no flow, you’ll end up with a PC having 6 motherboards or something strange.

Another idea I had for this problem is use product tags, which requires a flow what will use them.

The new plan is to start with a custom page which the Flow starts in, user choose the scenario the PC will be built for and moves onto Case choice. Case choice determines size of board (narrows down choice). User chooses CPU based on Scenario (narrows down CPU type, speeds, board choice), Hard drive size(multi choice) Ram (up to 32gb), OS and last/additional options. Then the flow will recommend a PSU based off the CPU type, video and device count. High end Video cards take up the most wattage so that part could be the easiest to do. This will be worked on through out November and possibly ready after New Year.

Mobile device repairs.

Speaking of Flow, we’ve integrated part of some ticketing software into our page. This hopefully should guide users into identifying the basic issue and alerting us to provide¬†a quote. Works reasonably well but I’d like to add some prices to parts and whether I have a spare in stock..


All products (except for the odd 250 70 I’m still adding information to..) should be up to date now. We’ve worked out a dating system so products what aren’t in stock and not matching upload date are considered ‘out of date’. We hope to be uploading the stock file weekly and automate when we can.


Still considering a VPS, or a generally improved environment. Since mulling this, the current server seems to have behaved itself. The things worrying me about current server is PHP updating and CRON. Website layout and categories will be redone between November until Christmas break.

More later, Still attempting to post more regularly, until then more coffee!

Photo by Ruth and Dave