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What are you doing now DeaJae?

Just a quick post to say we are getting ready for Christmas! Only 13 more sleeps (or 6-8 if my sleeping patterns aren’t sorting itself out..)

What are we up to over Christmas?

  • Designing new systems and products.
  • Experimenting with blog posts, a nice report on bitcoin/litecoin coming up.
  • Some reviews!
  • Development server now functioning again, 1st task is to fix social commenting login (and get it working with checkout)
  • Some themes (and making seasonal variations)
  • Getting a decent shop module working on this site.. I like jigoshop’s product layout, but love WP Ecommerce’s functions.. Only one way to settle this.. FIGHT!
  • Plenty more.. I’m sure of it.
  • Yes! simpler product updates/additions.. I currently have a list for 1600 items to check and see if its worth listing.
  • There’s definitely more which I’ll look at when I remember them..

No sale again this year as we can not guarantee stock levels or prices. And I think our last order date is the 18th/20th from supplier. So not long if you wanted new parts for Christmas.

So anyway, That’s hopefully our run up to the holiday.. If not then working from home has an advantage :/


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