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Almost done our first successful plugin

Been working on this plugin for at least 4-5 weeks with an idea, paper, few pens, a PHP reference book and a lot of coffee.. And finally .. I think it’s getting close to finishing and not going to explode!

Our Product Configuration plugin takes currently stocked items in Woocommerce categories, lists them in their categories and shows key information. The cart is loaded into the plugin so the user can track what they have picked.

For example, what it was designed for was a PC builder, Customer knows they want a Case, PSU, motherboard,CPU,memory and Hard drive to have a working system. Software they aren’t too fussed about, what they like is to know everything works. Critical information allows users to match up CPU types to boards, power requirements, whether they need Pro or Home windows.. etc.

Doesn’t mean it’s suited just for PC building, you can customize any sort of kit from it!

Still some bugs and issues with it, Many of them are my own criticisms, but for a work in progress I feel its going well.

but with it being put out there in a workable state will encourage some people to look at it and offer some suggestions.


old systemThis the old system we used to use on the 2nd incarnation of our website. Based off ZenCart, a powerful eCommerce facility but bugger all in the way of SEO, appearance and ease of usage for Customers and admins.

When it came to needing some way to talk to our customers via Articles and blog posts, Zen wasn’t too helpful. Eventually it became a nightmare to maintain with a completely new version ruining the way the little things worked such as tax management, it was decided to be replaced with something more user and admin friendly and dynamic.



The plugin

I found something of an old Github Project what seemed to do something similar to what I planned to do, but had some old quirks and used a different way to make the up product kit.

After fixing it to work with pretty permalinks I set about repairing the add-to-cart process on the end, turned out to be impossible without a full rewrite and I decided to have the plugin use the internal cart functions to WooCommerce. Seems to work quite well, with the exception that the mini cart will not auto update. Maybe I’ll work on that later on as I’me pretty sure its possible.

I’m hoping to keep working on it and iron out bugs and improve it as I go along, and hopefully up on the WordPress Plugins Database when I think its ready and relatively problem free!

To try it out, watch for a new menu item up top which I hope to enable next week. Or if you are interested in trying the plugin in a testing environment, see the project on GitHub