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Parts supply update

Parts Supply

With everything still going a bit crazy worldwide, slowly the supply of parts are getting though and getting a bit cheaper.

There is still chip shortages for most things, these seem to be controller chips that go in almost everything such as Digital Car dashboards/diagnostics, Hard drives and their controllers and much more common use equipment and parts.

On that note, our regular Parts Supply distributor is still expanding their ranges and now have Fractal Design ION Power Supplies, More information on them here

Operations wise

I was hoping to be back up and running after being so careful with the pandemic, but it looks like case numbers are still high. This will make a miserable Summer, combine it with heat and hay fever to keep my anxiety levels up. Pretty much making me fed up if it goes on for much longer.

I still want to redesign bits of the site, but not finding any decent inspiration or starting point to do it.

Windows 11

Majority of systems from the last 6 years will run the new Windows with no issues. TPM modules seem to be tripping up the upgrade checker. I would of said those are a easy fix to add, but guess what scalpers are buying up like crazy.. Yup, from £22 per unit to £70.

Any PC purchased in the last year or so should have a built-in TPM, you can check compatibility with Microsoft’s tool found on the Windows 11 Introduction page


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