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Post-Easter To Do list

Its been a while since I’ve been Organized, I’m keen to keep on top of things from now on..

Here’s what I’m working on this week;

  • Social Media encouragement, got the auto posting working (except Google+, needs a new API). If you are following us you’ll get our latest posts and some product reviews.
  • Writing style, it’s all over the place.
  • More products to upload. Never did solve the ‘Out of stock’ in supplier file problems, so going to list unstable stock as an example with ‘contact us’. Least that way people can find out what we can get hold of and have us as an option.
  • More System designs… With bundles!. and some optional extras..
  • More blogging!
  • It’s annoying yes, but there’s AdSense on the site. Considering the site gets very low traffic at the moment, it’s a little help for me to keep going, Coffee isn’t cheap and sales are very low still. As an indicator of how little it brings it.. It’ll buy a jar of Dougwe Eggberts. That’s after 2 years.. No idea how people make 100’s on it.
  • New cards and leaflets for local shops to display, get business up a bit more.
  • Set up a new ‘Offer’ for start-up offices. 3 PC’s + office fit out for a nice price, Work in power efficiency methods and everything they need for year 1.
  • Internal test web server for CRM development and special projects
  • Ready to go deployment kits for client websites, training books.. Not easy when new versions come flying month after month.
  • Upgrade to Fibre Broadband, Hopefully this will see some review, guides and gaming videos from me..


Oh and since its St Georges day, Might get a group together on Guild Wars to and try to take this guy out:

Arah Story! Arah Story! .. we hear everyday.. might finally get our Guardian to shush about it..


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